Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer: Week 9

Week 9 of summer break was from July 16 - 22.  Matt was back from his trip to Chicago, but still had to travel two nights this week (which will be the norm for us for quite a few months).  The kids and I had a really fun week this week!

The kids and I kicked off Monday morning in the gym!

It's hard sometimes to feel like I'm making progress in the gym, but then I feel accomplished when I take my progress pictures!

After the gym, the kids and I went home for lunch and play time at home.  That afternoon, we went to the Parker's house for a summer pool party!  I only ended up taking one picture because it was just so hectic!  There were about 16 kids all in one pool, so it was a lot to keep up with!  I did enjoy my snuggles with sweet Spear, though!

Tuesday morning was our annual trip to the firestation!  Emily and I have been doing this with an ever-changing group of friends for years, and it is a highlight of the summer!

Lorelai has realized that she's old enough to hold Spear while she's standing up (we usually make her sit down when she holds babies), so she's loving holding him when she sees him!

Cooper was so happy to sit with the big boys!

Before play time, the kids got their fire safety lesson.

Cooper kept turning around and giving me a thumbs up during the demonstration - it was adorable!

Another thing that was adorable was when Tess went over to LL and crawled in her lap all on her own!

After the fire safety talk, it was time to explore the trucks!

The hose is a favorite for the kids for sure!

Our 2018 firestation crew!

After the firestation we always go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and this year we had a big enough crowd to need two kid tables!

That night we had family game time and played Monopoly Jr.  Mommy was rolling in the money this time!

Wednesday I documented our day for my summer "day in the life" post that you can read here!

We decided to have a chill day on Thursday and went to Gigi's to get in some pool time.

Matt was out of town and hard at work!

I had PL on Friday (professional learning), so I was in a workshop all day.  While I was doing that, the kids spent the day with Oma and Opa.

I adore this picture of my dad with my kids!

Saturday morning the kids loaded up with Grammy to go to Tallahassee for Anna Reed's 1st birthday party!

Since the kids were out of town, Matt and I decided to go on a date!  While we were sitting at dinner, my mom and step-dad walked in, so they ended up sitting with us - haha.

Sunday we had a relaxing day!  Our only events were church and grocery shopping - haha.  

Only one week of summer vacation left!

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