Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer: Week 10

Our very last week of summer vacation was from July 23 - 29.  The kids still had a little over a week of summer vacation left, but after this I had to go back to school.  Here's what we fit in on our last week:

I had PL (professional learning) on Monday all day, so I dropped the kids off with Gigi on my way to work.

Ben was at Gigi's house, and Gigi declared this day the "no technology day" - which I loved!  No computers, no phones, no ipads!  Obviously swimming was on the agenda!

They did a lot of board games together.

And they spent a lot of time being creative!

That night for dinner I had Book Club!  July's book was "The Favorite Sister".  If you want to read along with us, our book for August is "Bring Me Back" by BA Paris.

Tuesday morning I had an insurance meeting, and then I had lunch with my new team members.  

After lunch, the kids and I headed home.  When we pulled in, the kids were playing in the garage and Cooper started yelling about a huge spider.  He was right!  This thing was massive, and I could tell it had all of its babies on its back.  Of course Matt was out of town, so I put this bucket over the spider and texted this to Matt to let him know I had a present waiting on him when he got home in two days - haha.

The kids and I declared this night movie night!

As I was going to bed, the dogs got into a little scuffle.  I picked Lola up and realized a huge section of her ear was ripped off!  Ugh!  I called Matt and he said to just put some neosporin on it and watch it.  It's been a few weeks now, and her ear looks fine!

Wednesday I had New Teacher Orientation all day.

They gave us our ID's and I'm 100% orange in mine - haha.  Just call me an oompa loompa.  Thankfully, I think my school is doing their own ID's, so I don't think I'll be stuck wearing this one all year!

All of the 2018/2019 new teachers for Lowndes County!

This was the first day this week that I didn't have any school related activities that I had to do, so the kids and I fit in some fun!  First up: our last kid's movie of the summer!

Poor Logan wasn't feeling a group picture - haha.

After the movie, we met Oma, Opa, and Ben at The Mill for pizza and games!

After lunch, the kids wanted to play at Oma and Opa's for a little bit, so I took that opportunity to run up to my classroom and work for about an hour.  I started working on my bulletin board, and was about 2 feet short on my paper!

Friday was a chill day.  The kids and I started off by going to the gym.  We spent the afternoon at home, and then the kids went up to my classroom in the afternoon to work with me for a few hours.

I saw this on social media, and nothing has ever been more true for our house.  The downside of super long, dark hair?  It's everywhere!

Saturday morning all 4 of us hit the gym and I had a killer workout.

The kids wanted to see Ben, so we went to Gigi's for a little while.  That night, Cooper got to have his first big boy sleepover at Gigi's with Ben.  

LL was so sweet and didn't pitch a fit at all when Cooper got to stay at Gigi's and she didn't.  To reward her for her good behavior, we went and got froyo at bed time!

My sister came in town on Sunday, and she wanted to see my classroom.  Matt took the 3 kids to our house to play, and she helped me hang these lights in my room! 

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