Thursday, July 26, 2018

Summer: Week 7

Week 7 of summer break was from July 2 - July 8.  Here's what we were up to:

Monday morning the kids wanted to go swim at Gigi's, so I hit up the gym.  After the gym, we went to Snopocolypse to get some snow cones.  Later that night, I got ready to have a girl's night with Kayla!

We got pedicures and then had dinner at Panera, and it was just so nice to catch up.  Kayla just had her daughter at the end of April, so this was our first baby-free time together since then!

I had a gift card to Books-A-Million from Christmas that I finally used!

We were up bright and early and ready for the kids summer movie!

The movie was Smurfs, and Gigi came with us to see it!

After the movie, we went to lunch at Olive Garden with Gigi and Poppy, and then I took Cooper to get his summer haircut.



After Cooper's haircut, I took him back to Gigi's house because both of the kids were spending the night there.  Then, Matt and I had a date night!  We went to dinner and then to see Jurassic World.

While we were on our date, the kids had fun baking 4th of July cookies with Gigi.

This is our first summer where Cooper doesn't nap, and he is usually exhausted by the time bed time comes around.  He hardly takes any time at all to fall asleep!

Wednesday was the 4th of July!  You can read all about how we celebrated here!

Thursday was a "home management" day for me.  The kids went to Grammy's to play, and I stayed home and payed bills, worked on our new budget (since Matt has a new job and gets paid on a different rotation), and worked on my google certification for school.  

When we went to pick the kids up, Grammy had taught them to play Uno and they were loving it!  We stayed for dinner and played a few rounds with the kids before we went home.

Friday morning we went swimming at Gigi's and had Luke and Logan come and swim with us!

Saturday morning, all of us went to the gym first thing.  Then, we went to Panda Express for lunch.  LL loves it there, and we're trying to get Cooper to love it, too - haha.

After lunch we went to Target for Cooper to spend some of his birthday money!

We spent the evening at home, and the kids played with Cooper's new toys!

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church!

After church, we came home for lunch.  Summer lunches are my favorite!

After lunch we ran some errands in town, and I picked up this sign that I had made for my classroom.

Sunday night we had cauliflower pizza for dinner.  I love this because the entire crust is made of cauliflower, but it tastes like pizza so my kids just gobble it up!

Doesn't it look good?  They think they're getting a treat, and I'm happy because I'm sneaking in some vegetables that they typically wouldn't eat!

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