Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer: Week 3

After two extremely busy weeks, week 3 of summer really slowed down for us (which was nice).  Week 3 was from June 2-10.  Here's what we were up to!

Monday was a day spent at HOME!  The highest priority?  Unpacking!

I opened a few boxes in the playroom and just let the kids go for it - and this is how Cooper came downstairs - haha.

We started hardcore packing our house about 3 weeks before we moved, and then we went on vacation for a week, so that meant that our pantry was down to bare minimum!  Needless to say, that first grocery trip in the new house was a killer!

Matt and the kids were out of the house when I got back from the grocery store, so I actually had a few minutes to myself in the house for the first time.

After dinner, we took the whole family for a walk (including the two dogs).  This has become one of our favorite things to do in the new house!

I might not have made it to the gym, but I was working hard!

This entertainment center is a beast, but Matt and I managed to get it in ourselves one night after the kids went to bed.

Tuesday kicked off with a pretty scary moment: Cooper and LL were running through the house, and he ran smack into the bar-height counter.  I know with head wounds that they are always supposed to poke out instead of in, but this one dented in pretty far when he hit it.  I loaded him up and took him to his pediatrician, and thankfully he was fine.  It sure was scary there for a little while!

A rare moment of snuggling: one of them is over the moon about it, and one is not - haha.

Our front flowerbed needed a good bit of work, so we spent some time outside after dinner working on it.  We found this guy when we were pulling out all of the old pine straw.

I went for a walk after the kids went to bed in an effort to hit my 10k steps, and I saw several bunnies while I was out.

Got it!

Some mornings this is my best friend.

We took a break from packing to go swim at Gigi's and enjoy the sunshine!

Grady was in town, so he came to swim with us, too!

That big scare Tuesday, and then Wednesday he looks like nothing ever happened!

With Cooper's birthday coming up, we made a trip to Target so that he could pick out some things to ask for for his birthday.

I found these to hang above our bed!

I'm definitely not reading as much as I did last year, but I'm fitting it in where I can.

DQ and Summer just go together!

Gray is so sweet and patient with the kids.  Cooper just adores him!

Cooper went to Grammy and Pop's on Friday so that he could spend the night with Gray, and I headed to Gigi's with LL so she could go to a play and then spend the night there.

We met Gigi at a new Mexican place in town, and it was amazing!

With both kids gone, we took this as a good opportunity to finally hang some stuff on the walls!

Going to see plays is LL's "thing" with Gigi and Poppy.  At this one, she saw a friend from church!

Saturday morning we picked both kids up and spent time swimming and then working in the yard.

I mean, we had to get it, right??

Lovie is really enjoying our new house!  I was worried that she wouldn't stick around (she's an outside cat) or like being in a neighborhood, but so far she seems soooo much happier than she was before.

Cooper found all of his dress-up stuff - haha.

It's a work in progress, but it's looking better!

We decided to hit up the park for a little while to let the kids run around!

I finally started our May bookclub book - a month late.  I'll be honest; it wasn't my favorite.

We ended the night cuddled up for movie night!

A sweet friend (and now neighbor) came by to drop off this incredibly nice "welcome to the neighborhood" gift!  It totally made our night!

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