Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer: Week 1

Week 1 of our summer vacation was from May 21 - May 27.  I still had post-planning for a few days this week (and Cooper still had school for two days), but we'll go ahead and count this week as the first week.  This was a BIG, exciting week for us!  Here's what we were up to:

Monday was a normal day of post-planning for me.  Cooper had his last day of school, and LL went to a grandparents house to hang out.

Since I'm changing schools next year (you can read all about it here!), my classroom was pretty much all cleaned out by this point.  This meant a lot of extra time for me!  Luckily, Kayla came by with Baby Hadley, and I had plenty of time to snuggle her!

Matt came by to help me load up the last of my stuff, and he got in some baby snuggles, too!

We went by the new house that afternoon to check on the progress.  You can read all about our crazy buying/selling house process here!

This was the kids' last night in the house!

Tuesday morning was Cooper's preschool graduation!  You can read all about it here!

This was also our 14 year wedding anniversary!

This was the day that I got the contract for my new job in the mail!  You can read all about it here!

We didn't have a special anniversary date since we spent the afternoon/evening packing and cleaning up the old house, but we did take a quick ice cream break to celebrate 14 years!  It may not have been fancy, but there's nothing I would have rather been doing on our anniversary that seeing God work and our dreams coming true!

Wednesday was the first day that both kids were out of school.  I was at the old house madly packing and cleaning so that everything could be out by the final walk-through on Thursday.  That morning, the kids got to go to the park with Gigi.

That afternoon, I made it to Gigi's in time to watch the kids swim for a little while.  This was way more fun than packing!

We got completely done at the old house on Thursday!  We took the kids by for one last look and to say good-bye.  You can read about it here!

We also stopped by the new house to check the progress and to do our final walk-through!

This was also the first time we had been over when the "Sale Pending" sign was put out front!  Exciting!!

We stayed with Gigi for a few days in this process between selling and being able to move in to the new house.  It was so sweet of my mom to let us stay with her, and we all actually really enjoyed it and had a good time!  The kids really enjoyed Gigi's big bath tub!

Friday was our BIG closing day!!  You can read all about it here!

We kicked off our "pre-cruise" vacation with a day at Disney Springs and dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  You can read all about it here!

We got to board the boat and officially kick off our cruise vacation!  You can read all about it here!

This was a super big, fun, crazy, exciting week for us!!  What a way to kick off Summer 2018!!

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