Sunday, July 22, 2018

St. Augustine Beach: Day 2 & 3

We woke up on Thursday, and the kids were ready to head back to the beach!  The good thing about early rising kids is you get to the beach before it's too hot and too crowded!

Silly faces!

I didn't take a ton of pictures in the morning because I was just trying to enjoy my time without having to worry about documenting it.  Both kids fell in love with boogy boarding, so I also spent a good bit of time with them in the waves!  We went in around lunch time to eat and take a rest.  We planned to go back to the beach in the afternoon, but there was a good bit of rain.  We ate dinner in the condo again, and the weather started to clear up after we ate.  Matt's dad wasn't feeling great, so they stayed at the condo, but we took the kids to play in the water some more before bed!

It was nice to go down to the beach for a little while and not lug a bunch of stuff.  Just two chairs, boogy boards, and two kids - and they were as happy as they could be!

The next morning (Friday) we got up and hit the beach early again.  LL and I have had these hats forever, and every year I want to get pictures of us with them, but we always forget.  This year we finally remembered and I love how they turned out!

When I was pregnant with her, I just prayed and prayed that God would give me a little girl.  I always knew I wanted to be the mom of a girl.  I am so beyond blessed that, not only did God answer my prayers and give me a girl, but that he gave me this girl.

Cooper didn't care anything about pictures - he had one thing on the brain: boogy boarding!

Grammy was a good sport and did some boogy boarding with the kids, too!

The waves were perfect for boogy boarding and we all spent so much time out there together.  It was my favorite part of the trip!

Every year, I end up snapping a pic of LL at the beach that I just absolutely love.  She just loves the beach and radiates so much joy when she's there!  When I took this one, I thought, "Yep!  This is the picture for this year!" and it is!  I just love her truly happy smile!

It started getting super hot, so we decided to get in some pool time before lunch.

After the pool, we ate lunch at the condo, took showers, and decided to go to the Alligator farm for a while!

We've been several times over the years, and every time I am still just as shocked at how huge they are!

Both kids wanted to hold an animal and take a picture - Cooper picked the alligator and LL picked the snake.  Both were so brave and the picture turned out so cute!

I love LL's face in this!

This cracked us up - the girl told them to look at each other and look scared and this is what they did - haha.

We got a great spot for the alligator feeding so we stood there for about 20 minutes waiting on it to start.

We planned to only go out to eat for one night on our trip - which happened to be our last night.  Maybe that wasn't a great idea!  Attitudes weren't great because they were both super tired after a fun few days!

We also did our souvenir shopping on our last night.  LL picked out an oyster/pearl neckalce.

Cooper got some fossils!

Matt and I went back to coneheads and snuck in a quick ice-cream date!

There's no sleep like beach sleep!

We had a fun trip with Grammy and Pop to St. Augustine!

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