Monday, July 9, 2018

Orlando Trip

Way back in the Spring, Emily asked if me and my crew would like to come down to their Orlando house for a few days during June.  Her husband was going to be out of town for a few days, so she was headed down there to stay at that house while he was gone.  We are always looking for fun things to do in the summer (especially with our friends) so of course we said we were in!

We left right before lunch to head down there.  We were obviously in two separate cars (hello 6 kids and 2 mommas!), but it was still nice to travel down there in a little pack.  

One of the things that surprised me most on this trip was that Cooper was more into Spear than LL was!  He definitely beat me to holding the baby!

Even though their house is in Orlando, we didn't have any plans to do any Disney parks or anything.  Our main goal?  Chill out and just have fun together!  They have a pool at their house, so this was the main source of entertainment for the three days we were there.  When we got there, Emily ran to the grocery store while I stayed with the kids.  Of course as soon as I got all 5 kids in bathing suits and with sunscreen, they had about five minutes in the water before it started thundering.

Is there anything cuter than a baby getting a sink bath?  I don't think so!

I had planned to enjoy a king bed all to myself while the kids bunked with their friends, but then this happened - haha.  We don't co-sleep when we're home, but on vacation, all bets are off.  We just do what we need to do to help everyone get rest.  That meant two kiddos in the bed with me!

Up bright and early and playing with Spear!

LL enjoyed Spear, but she was way more into playing with her friends than stopping to spend time with the baby.  It surprised me a little!

Ya'll.  I soaked up some baby snuggles.

That afternoon, we headed to Disney Springs for reservations at the T-Rex Cafe!  These sweet girls holding hands (all on their own) was just so adorable.  They were side by side the whole trip!

Six kids - we got this!

LL asked to take a picture here, and Cooper politely declined to be in it with her - haha.

I entertained the kids at the pin store while Emily snuck and bought a gift for me for Cooper for his upcoming birthday (so she could hide it in her stroller - haha).

Free chocolate makes waiting for dinner a little easier!

We just ate at Rainforest Cafe the day before we left on our cruise, so it was fun to come back so soon and eat somewhere so similar.

This kid.  He was terrified of the meteor shower, so he hung out in my lap a good portion of the dinner.

We tried to go explore the restaurant, but Cooper was too nervous about walking around and a meteor shower starting - haha.  So he and I hung out at the table while Emily and the other kids went exploring!

Cooper saw the other kids taking pictures with this dinosaur, so he worked up the courage to go take one, too.  And, of course, while he was over there a meteor shower started - haha.  He high tailed it back to me!

Since Cooper's birthday was in a week, Emily let the restaurant know his special day was coming up.  It was hilarious when they brought this over singing because Cooper had no idea why - haha.  When I told him it was for his birthday, he said "It's not my birthday yet!" :)

We got some pictures outside since everyone was happy with a full belly!

After dinner popsicles!

Little boy in a big bed!

Friday we woke up with one thing on the brain: pool time!

Three Tiny Bubbles graduates - three good starfishers!

You know they've done a lot of swimming when the kids start asking to get out of the pool on their own!

We may have been outnumbered (by a lot), but we rocked it and had a fun time doing it!

That afternoon we took the kids to a cute little ice cream shop for a treat.  I saw ice cream tacos on the menu, but had no idea how HUGE they were.  Both kids wanted one, and you should have seen my eyes when they brought them out.

This is how the kids felt about the huge ice cream tacos...

...and this is how the moms felt about it!  Haha.

Cute kids and a cute ice cream place!

We lined the kids up from youngest to oldest!

I have no idea what this pose is all about, but Cooper was super into it.

After the big kids went to bed, Emily went to get us dinner from Panera while I fed and bathed Spear.  There's nothing like snuggling a clean baby!

Cooper fell out of the bed (before I came to bed) and was pretty terrified about it.  I moved LL to the side, and Cooper slept in the middle - which translated to rightnext to me.  

We got up early Saturday morning, got backed, said goodbye, and hit the road.  We needed to stop by Ikea to return some things from our trip after the cruise.  Tackling Ikea alone with two kids isn't my idea of fun, but they actually were a lot of help and did great!

It's not as easy to load up without Daddy, but I beasted it out!

It was a fun couple of days away with our friends!

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