Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cooper's 6th Year

We kicked off Cooper being 5 with his Avenger's Birthday Party!

Everyone got together on Cooper's actual birthday to celebrate!

Cooper loved all of the fun things that we were packing into our summer vacation!

He always loves our 4th of July celebration!

He had his 5 year old well-check and is a big, healthy boy!

Cooper went to his first DPKamp at church!

He loved dressing like a cow for Cow Appreciation Day.

Our annual trip to the firestation is always a big hit!

He was an instant fan of the new snow-cone place in town.

Cooper got a Mommy and Daddy date at Mellow Mushroom one night.

He had a blast on our beach trip with Ben!

He had fun with Daddy making things at the Lowe's Build and Grow!

Cooper officially started his last year of preschool!

He saw his first Solar Eclipse!

He earned enough stickers to go to his favorite place to eat and play games.

He spent time at school with Daddy for "Donuts with Dad".

Cooper officially hit "big boy status" and got to go hunting with Daddy!

He took a trip to the pumpkin patch with his class.

Cooper loves to bake, so we spent a lot of time making cookies together.

He took a second trip to the pumpkin patch with our family.

Cooper absolutely loved going to the Air Show.

He got to bring his class pet, Flip Flop, home for a week.

Cooper was the cutest Ninja Turtle ever for Halloween!


Cooper lost his first tooth!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving.

He and LL did a great job picking out our Christmas Tree!

He got to meet Santa at the Christmas breakfast at church.

Cooper loves the tradition of baking Christmas cookies at Grammy's house!

He was the cutest towns person ever at his Christmas play!

He loved all of our fun Christmas traditions!

He lost his 2nd tooth!

He loved our trip to Atlanta and to Snow Mountain!

Christmas is his favorite!

Cooper absolutely loved our snow day!

We went as a family to see Avenger's Live.

He lost his 3rd tooth!

He got a dinner date with Mommy!

We went out to dinner with Gigi while LL was at the Father/Daughter Dance.

He had his Valentine's Party at school.

We all went to his school for the Bunny Hop!

He and LL had a blast fishing with Daddy.

He had so much fun at his class Easter party!

He and Daddy were super handsome (and matching) for Easter.

Cooper loved all of the fun things that we fit in over Spring Break.

Flip-Flop got to come to our house again.

I came to his school for his Mother's Day tea party.

He had a blast at his end of the year pool party!

He said goodbye to our old house and his old room.

He said hello to our new house and his new room!

He went on his first cruise!

It was a pretty great year for a 5 year old boy!

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