Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cooper's 6th Birthday Party (Minions)

For Cooper's party this year, I let him pick the theme 100% on his own.  Over the course of talking about it with him, I swear we went through about 20 things.  Every time we talked about it, he wanted something different.  Finally, it got down to the wire and he picked minions (which is fitting because he loves the movie).

I want to preface the post about his party by saying this: I always thought kids who had summer birthdays just hit the jackpot.  No school, warm and sunny - the idea kid birthday time!  Well.  Now that I have a kid with a summer birthday, I want to tell you that that is all lies.  Poor kid gets the shaft every year for his birthday.  During the school year, we go to 90% of the birthday parties that he's invited to by his classmates.  For Cooper?  Nope.  He's had ONE friend from school come (and she's come every year!).  That's it.  We invite his classmates, but summer just stinks.  Especially Cooper's birthday.  He's a week before the 4th of July.  The biggest travel-week of the summer.  Literally, every year, soooo many of his invites RSVP with "We'd love to come but we'll be out of town".  Ugh.  Poor kid.  This year was the WORST.  Other than LL and Ben (his cousin), we had ONE friend come.  Most people were out of town and one friend was sick.  All that to say - summer birthdays are not the jam!  BUT, thankfully, Cooper was never upset about anything - we just had a blast with the people that were there and he was never disappointed!  I love the happy, relaxed spirit that God gave him!

I found this huge Minion balloon on Amazon and he was pumped about it!


We went super low-key on the decorations this year.  I mean, all the kids care about is swimming!  They don't care about what I've set up!  I do want to point this out - LL is the sweetest kid ever.  She wanted to make Cooper minion decorations for his party.  See the guy on the left of the table?  Matt cut him out of cardboard and LL colored and drew him all on her own.  The idea was 100% hers.  She is such a sweet big sister!

Didn't she do a good job?

She was actually upset that Matt cut the other one out for her, so she drew and cut this one out 100% by herself!  Cooper was over the moon about the minions she made for him!

This shirt has been hanging in Cooper's closet for several months, and he was so excited to finally be able to wear his "six shirt"!

I can't believe my baby is six!

He is just so stinkin' cute.

We've had this unicorn float for a few weeks, but haven't blown it up.  With kids coming over, we figured it was a good time.  It's not very "boyish", but it actually fit in with them theme a little via "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

I guess I should say that technically two friends came because Hadley came, too!

Snoozing in the pool is doing it right!

We actually did a 10:30 party this year (usually we do the afternoon).  It was so much cooler than it usually is!  We did do an easy lunch for everyone of hotdogs and chips.

Cooper wanted cupcake this year, so my sister found some cute minion toppers for him - including this awesome (huge!) candle!

We are so happy this boy is ours!

I'm not a fan of him holding girls in bikinis, but I guess this is okay.  ;)

I tried to get a picture of Cooper with everyone who came:
Pop and Grammy

Oma and Opa

Kayla, Hadley, and Andrew


Somehow I missed a picture with Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, Ben, Gigi, and Poppy, but they were all there, too!

Minions everywhere!

Even though it was a super small party, Cooper still had a blast (and that's all that matters)!

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