Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cooper's 6th Birthday Letter from Mommy


You, my sweet boy, are six years old now!  It absolutely blows my mind that my youngest baby is six.  Six isn't so little anymore!  We've tried to put it off for as long as possible, but you have officially hit "big boy status".  You are no longer a little kid, and you definitely don't like to be treated as one!  You are quick to let us know that you aren't a baby anymore!

This year has been a great year for you.  You thrived being five.  We for sure had our ups and downs, but they weren't that bad and you came through them fine.  This school year was a mix for you.  Some parts were amazing, and some parts were a struggle, but you kept such a positive attitude through the whole thing.  In fact, most of the "down" parts you didn't even acknowledge and just sailed through them!  

Kindergarten is coming up in just a few short weeks, and I think you are going to thrive in that environment.  You are so excited to go to "big boy school" and you tell me that you aren't nervous at all.  And I believe you!  I am so so so happy that you and LL will be at the same school next year.  This will only happen for two years in all of your school career, but I think you two will love being together for these two years.

We have had a lot of changes so far this year and you have handled them like a champ.  We have moved houses, I've changed my job, and Daddy has changed his job.  We had just a few growing pains with moving houses, but not near as many as I expected.  You just roll with the punches and have just made these things so easy!

You have become such a "people person" this year.  You love meeting new people (kids) and playing with them.  Whenever we're out and about at a kid place, you immediately start making friends and playing with anyone who is there!  You get this from your Daddy and I love how friendly and social you are!

You are an outside, energetic boy.  You love to be outside doing anything and everything you can: swimming, playing at the park, riding your scooter, running, hunting frogs and butterflies, and going for walks.  If it's outside, you're ready for it!

You also love to be in the kitchen.  We have spent more time baking and cooking together this year - and I absolutely love it!!  For a while, you said you were going to be a chef when you grew up (although now you say you want to be a "Police").  I love that you want to be in the kitchen and I hope you keep enjoying cooking!

Probably my absolute favorite thing of this year is how much you love ME!  You are a "Mommy's boy" right now, and I'm soaking it up because I know it won't last forever.  You hug and kiss me all the time, and you tell everyone that you've already married me.  It just makes my heart so happy!

This year has been so great, and I can't wait to see what this year of being six holds for you.  You are a sweet, funny, silly, energetic boy and you fill our household with so much happiness!

I love you!

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