Monday, July 16, 2018

Cooper at 6 Years Old

Here are SIX things about Cooper at six years old!

1- One big defining characteristic of Cooper that has been around for a while is that he is energetic!  This boy is non-stop.  He loves to be outside, he loves to play, and he does not slow down.  He doesn't nap anymore, and I promise that he is moving non-stop from the minute that his feet hit the ground in the morning.  He is ready to go!  I love this about him, and I would chose this over a lazy child any day!

2-In the past six months or so, Cooper has started to become a way pickier eater than he typically is.  I remember LL going through this same phase (I think around this age?), so I'm just trying to not make a big deal of it and hope that it will pass soon.  He's still a pretty good eater, but he's just starting to say that he doesn't like things that we know he does.

3-Part of getting bigger is that he has such a bigger sense of independence.  He doesn't want us to do things for him anymore, he wants to do them for himself.  Along with this, we've started giving him some more responsibility around the house.  He makes his bed every day, he cleans up before and after his bath, and he helps with laundry, and he's been unloading parts of the dishwasher for us!

4-Cooper has always leaned more towards the emotional side of things, but we've really been able to see that more in him lately.  Six years old was a very rough time for LL, and I remember her going through this, too.  It's such a tricky thing to juggle as a parent - you want your child to express their emotions, but they also need to do it in a way that is acceptable.  This summer has been a good, consistent time for us to talk about how to handle our feelings!

5- This boy is playful!  He will turn anything and everything into a game!  He is also enjoying games now: Uno, Go Fish, Candy Land, Monopoly - you name it, he'll play it!  We've been playing a lot more games as a family lately, too!

6-Finally.  Finally.  Finally.  After 6 years, Cooper is starting to not be such an early riser!  He still has some mornings when he's up around 6:00, but we've only seen the 5:00 hour just a few times.  It's so nice!  He's even started sleeping until 7:00 or 7:30 a good bit, and this morning he even made it to 8:00!  While I'm loving this and soaking it up as much as I can, it might make things a lot harder for us when school starts and we all have to get up early!

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