Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Day in the Life - Summer 2018

I absolutely love "day in the life" posts, and I try to do two a year (one in summer and one during the school year).  For the summer post, I always try to pick a day where we have some stuff going on, but that's not too crazy or overloaded.  This year's post covers a day towards the end of summer - July 18.  Here's what a summer day looks like for us in 2018!

9:02 - breakfast time for me!  Typically I eat the same thing every day: low-fat vanilla greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and granola.  I'm a creature of habit!

9:15 - we've been working a lot on independence this summer (with both kids) and one of those areas is making their own beds in the morning.  They don't look perfect (and Matt and I don't fix them), but they do a great job!

9:34 - today was a gym day for me!  I don't go every day, but my goal is 3-4 days a week.

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10:13 - today was leg day for me!  

10:50 - Done.  And tired.

Not bad for 50 minutes!

11:08 - We got home from the gym, and the kids went upstairs to play in the playroom while I started on laundry.

11:29 - I had a few quiet minutes while the kids played upstairs and before I needed to fix lunch, so I squeezed in some reading time on our July book club book - The Favorite Sister.

11:49 - I started the lunch-making process, and Cooper came to help me with one of his chores: putting all of the clean silverware away.

12:02 - Lunch time!  This was Cooper's plate...

LL's lunch...

And my lunch.

12:49 - The kids got a little bit of movie time, and I worked on that day's blog post.  

1:23 - The kids were back upstairs playing, and Cooper wanted to show me his artwork.

1:31 - I went in my room to fold some towels, and there was a helper on the bed (who isn't supposed to be up there).

1:36 - Matt just started his new job as a Medical Device Sales Rep, and the scrubs he ordered finally came in.  He looks so handsome!

1:48 - I made one Amazon Prime Day purchase and it came in!

2:45 - We had not been to the peach shed one time this summer (we went a ton last summer), so we decided to sneak away and go get some ice cream!

Do you notice him holding up his "six"?  So.  Cute.

This girl is just so precious and sweet.

3:43 - Home from the peach shed and working on more laundry.  I've just recently started washing all of the kids clothes together (I used to do them separately) and then separating them when they come out of the dryer.

4:56 - I already had plans to make spaghetti for dinner, but since my Instant Pot came, I decided to make it in there instead!  Why not, right?

5:50 - It was super fast, super easy, and super good!  Plus only having one pot to clean was a plus!

6:17 - After we cleaned up dinner, we went for a family walk around our circle.  This is one of our favorite things to do in our new neighborhood!  Can you spot the two kids on scooters?

6:46 - We all headed upstairs to straighten up and get baths, and we were surprised when Lola made it all the way up by herself!  This was the first time she's done this!  The old lady is 14, so stairs really aren't her thing.  The most she's made it is to the landing 1/2 way up, and she usually turns around and goes back down.  She surprised us when she came all the way up by herself!

7:29 - Reading books before bed!

8:16 - the kids are in bed and it's time for ice cream and Big Brother!

9:31 - Time for bed for me!  It takes me a long time to go to sleep, so I have to get an early start on it.

That's a typical summer day for us!  Some are a lot busier and filled with a million activities, and some are way more chill and we never leave the house.  This day was a good balance of both!

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