Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Las Vegas - Coming Home

If you've missed out on the previous days of our trip to Vegas, you should check those out first!
Day 1 here (arriving in Vegas and the Backstreet Boys!)
Day 2 here (walking around the strip, Titanic and Bodies exhibits, and gambling in the Bellagio)
Day 3 here (visiting the Hoover Dam and getting on stage with Penn and Teller!)

Day 3 was basically just our "traveling home" day.  Our flight left around lunch time in Vegas, but didn't get home until way after dinner Georgia time.  We didn't have too much time to kill, so we couldn't go far.  It was also pretty windy and cold outside.  We went downstairs to Starbucks for breakfast and people watching.  We sat there for a good hour just watching people and talking - it was actually pretty nice!

Thankfully I had a real window seat on the way home and not a fake window seat on the flight out!

It was so so cool to see the Hoover Dam from the plane and know that we were just there the day before!  It's amazing how the Memorial Bridge still looks huge from the air!

I got to watch the sunset from the sky.

By the time we landed, got to the car, picked up dinner, and made it back to Laura's house - it was almost 9 pm.  I ate dinner and then crashed!  The next morning, I was up and on the road pretty early because I wanted to make it to Cooper's school in time for pick-up.

I literally made it to Cooper's school with like 15 minutes to spare!  It was fun to surprise my boy!

When I got home, I had some sweet signs and flowers waiting for me!  Matt did this sign...

And these were from Cooper and LL.

LL's was absolutely precious.

Cooper's was pretty awesome, too.  ;)

My beautiful "welcome home" flowers!
I don't take it for granted that I have an amazing husband who will hold down the fort at home with two kids so that I can go off on a vacation by myself.  You know what they say - it was a fun vacation but great to be home!

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