Monday, April 16, 2018

Bunny Hop 2018

It's crazy, but this was our fifth and final time going to the Bunny Hop at Cooper's school!  We started when LL was in the 3 year old class, and now we're ending with Cooper in the 4 year old class!  The preschool that they both have gone to does one big fundraiser a year, and that is the Bunny Hop in March.  They have a pancake breakfast, games, a bake sale, class "baskets" for sale, bouncy houses, and a big egg hunt.  The kids always love it and have a blast!

The lobby of the preschool just got a huge (gorgeous) renovation, and these cute turtles outside are a new addition.  They looked even cuter with their bunny ears!

Funny enough, Cooper wanted a picture with the bunny and LL wanted nothing to do with him.  Typically, its the other way around.

One of the games they did was a cute little bunny hop race.

Our last family Bunny Hop picture!

Oh, how this boy has my heart!

The egg hunt areas are divided up by age, so Matt took LL to her area and I went with Cooper.  This boy was ready to go!

Keeping his eye on a golden egg he wanted!

Last year, he would only get blue eggs and ended up with only about 3.  Thankfully this year he grabbed all colors and got a little more!

A full basket success!

Lorelai and Luke got to hunt together in the big kid area!

It's so funny to me how all kids will just run past eggs on their way to get others!

We ended our time with a few trips down the slide before it started raining!

Coming to the end of a era!

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