Wednesday, March 14, 2018

LL's 9 Year Old Well-Check

Over Winter Break, my sister and I took a girl's trip to Las Vegas (lots of fun posts to come!).  While we were gone, LL had her 9 year old well-check.  Since I was out of town, it was up to Daddy to take her to her appointment!

Weight: 64 lbs - 49%(+ 3 lbs 8 oz since last year)
Height: 52 3/4" - 56%  (+ 1 3/4" since last year)

They weren't concerned by her stats at all, but I thought it was interesting enough to worth noting that this year was the year that she gained both the least amount of weight and inches.  It makes sense though - I mean you won't really gain tons of inches and pounds every year or else people would end up really tall and really heavy.  It has to start slowing down at some point, right?  It's also interesting to me that she gained less than 4 lbs in a year, but allllll of her pants/shorts from last year don't fit.  So while she may not be gaining much, her body is still growing and changing a lot.

I've been telling her since last year that she didn't have to get shots at this appointment, but the closer her appointment got, the more she started to freak out about it.  What she was most nervous about was if they were going to prick her finger to check her hemoglobin levels.  We had several phone calls and facetimes from Vegas to home in the hopes of helping her feel less nervous about her appointment (it didn't help - haha).

She didn't end up getting any shots, and she didn't need to have her finger pricked.  Matt said once she realized that, she was a happy camper and good to go!

Here's her how her appointment went according to Matt:

-They asked the standard questions about sitting in a booster, what types of food she eats, how school is going, her activity level, her amount of screen time, etc.

-Matt said they asked about if she seemed like an overall "happy" kid.  Which is interesting because I don't think they've ever asked that before!

-He didn't think to ask them about her strawberry and how it's looking.

He's a typical man and didn't come home with very much detailed information - haha.  But he was a great Daddy in taking her to her appointment and handling everything on his own!

Every year that she gets a healthy report is something that we don't take for granted.  It is such a blessing to have such a healthy, happy girl, and we pray constantly that she stays that way!

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