Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Day!

If there is one thing that we pretty much know to count on NOT happening here in South Georgia, it's snow.  Over the past 11 years that we have lived in this house, I remember seeing just a few flurries just a couple of times.

In February 2010, we got just a tiny bit of snow. (Emily - we were at your house for dinner, do you remember this??)

I couldn't find any pictures of the other time, and I'm pretty sure it was before we had kids.  The point is, snow (even flurries) doesn't happen here very often!  So when we started tracking the weather and seeing forecasts like this...

It was hard not to get our hopes up, but holy cow!  This is not what typically happens here!  In anticipation of the pending possible snow, I saw some pretty funny memes start popping up on facebook.

So so accurate - haha.

We all woke up the next morning around rain.  It honestly didn't even seem like freezing rain.  Just rain.  Then, after about an hour, it was still very light, but it was definitely freezing rain.  We kept a look out on social media, and sure enough, friends close to us started posting pictures of snow.  Finally, around 9:00 (and as soon as Matt jumped in shower - haha), the kids and I spotted snowflakes!  None of us were even dressed yet, so we just threw on some outerwear over our pj's and ran outside!

I absolutely *love* the joy on LL's face!  When that misplaced dimple comes out, you know she's happy!

We took so many pictures as we went, because we had no idea of knowing how long this would happen or when it would stop.  We literally had to treat each moment as if if were the last one with snow.  Look at these smiles!!

Watching the snow gather on the surface of everything was so exciting!

The kids loved catching it on their tongues!

Out of all of us, Cooper loved it the most.  We all loved it, and we all were over the moon about it, but this boy just could not get enough!

We finally convinced the kids to come in and warm up a little bit with hot chocolate when the snow took a break.  We took this opportunity to get showered and dressed properly!

It started coming down harder, faster, and thicker, so we went back out to play some more!

Snow in his beard!

I blurred out the dog using the restroom in the background because I just love this picture so much!

Even old lady Lola came out to play for a little while!

This is the part where we all started to really get pumped!  This was amazing!!

Aspyn and Cooper were kindred spirits this day - this dog was in Heaven in the snow!

Cute little puppy pawprints in the snow!

We came inside to warm up again, but the snow just kept coming!

It was an inside to warm up/outside to play game, but we had to just keep going outside to enjoy it!

While Matt worked on a snowman, the kids made snow angels.  Here's LL's!

And Cooper's!  They both knew exactly what to do and had a blast making them all over the yard!

Everything was so pretty covered in white!

LL had enough cold for a while, so she went inside while Daddy, Cooper, and I finished the snow man.

She decided to come back outside to claim credit when he was finished - haha.

She went inside to get some more accessories to change "him" into a "her".

My mom found these pictures of the last time we had a big snow.  It was January 1990.  I was 5 (the same age as Cooper), and Matt was 9 (LL turns 9 in 4 weeks).  How cool is that?

I'm the small one, my sister is in the middle, and her friend is on the right.

Our husky, Mischa.

A little comparison - 28 years difference!

We ate lunch, Cooper went down for nap, and this is what everything looked like when he woke up.

Our snowman was a trooper!  He held out about 2 more days before he was completely gone.

Here's a fun video of our morning in the snow!

This was seriously such a fun fun way to kick off 2018.  Matt and I talked about it later, and it was so neat to see everyone on social media out enjoying this together.  It was an activity that was completely free, required no technology, and that everyone could enjoy together.  I loved that something as simple as weather could bring everyone the same joy and excitement!

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