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December Randoms

Well this is it -the last "random" post for 2017.  After this post, I should have only 2 or 3 more posts about 2017 before we kick off the 2018 posts!  

December was a busy month, and this post actually has a lot to it!  Here's what we were up to that didn't fit into a post all on its own.

The first weekend of December kicked off with FOUR birthday parties for us!  The first birthday party was a double for two of the kids in Cooper's class.  He and I went while Matt was hunting and LL had a play with Gigi and Poppy.

A birthday party at a bounce place - it doesn't get much better for Cooper Mullican!

Cooper and sweet Nora!

The next morning Cooper had a birthday party at the YMCA for his friend Nora.  Harbour is a little girl in Cooper's class (that he says is his girlfriend) and he is allll about her!

I loved having so much one-on-one time with my boy!

December didn't start out very cold, but we tried to dress the part for church anyway.

Matching with our bell sleeves!

Gecko catcher!  Randomly geckos have been becoming more and more common around our house/town the last year or so.  Does anyone local know why this is or what's going on?  A few years ago we never saw geckos at all - now they're everywhere!

Cooper slept like this at Grammy and Pop's one day - those hands are so adorable!

"Happy Morning" pictures in front of the Christmas tree!!

If you don't follow along with The Parker's, my friend Emily and her family have been going through the adoption process for over a year now.  Their sweet son, Spear, was born on December 1.  Katie and I were so excited and couldn't wait the weeks until they came home (he was born out of state), so we took a road trip one night all the way down to see him.  It was so so so worth the long drive and the late night to see both Emily and Spear!!  He is so special and so loved already!

Ya'll.  I am a smitten kitten with this little boy!!

For a lot of years, I wasn't in a really good place with friendships.  Matt and I were talking the other day, and when you're a teenager, you think friendships will be so easy when you're an adult.  But the reality is, they're not.  They can be just as tricky and just as messy.  When I was pregnant with LL and when she was first born, I did not have a lot of girl friends that were in my life or that I could really talk to.  I had a few, but it was a really hard, low time for me in my life.  For the last few years, strengthening my relationship with my girls has been a really big priority for me.  Don't ever doubt the importance of good friendships in your life.  It wasn't easy, there will always be ups and downs with friendships, but work for it.  It's so worth it.  Find your tribe, and love them hard.

Cooper found his folding chair in his room and brought it out for a front row seat to Peppa Pig (which Matt and I are soooo over btw) one morning.

LL was feeling her outfit (and in the mood for a picture) this morning!

I got to Grammy and Pop's house one afternoon to find that Grammy and I were wearing the same colors!

Cooper is still working hard to earn his stickers - this time he chose to go to Snopocolypse!

I am not a very big "drawing" person at all.  It's not something that I'm good at, and it's not something that really interests me.  LL on the other hand is becoming quite the little artist!!  I was painting a Santa door hanger after school in the art room for several afternoons, and the art teacher had supplies out for a few of the teacher's kids.  LL drew both of these while were there.  

This picture is Santa, Rudolph, and an ornament.

The next day she drew an elf!  I am legit impressed with her ability!  I think she does really well for her age!

The butterfly wings are still up in the hallway outside the art room, so I got a picture of LL!  I love this so much!

As much as Aspyn can irritate me (the shedding!  For the love!), she is so so so good with the kids.  I couldn't ask for a better "kid dog".

Twinning with our duck boots and big comfy sweaters!

Grammy had a health scare this month, and I took the day off work to be with her in the hospital.  I sat in the room for a loooong time by myself while they were running tests.  This was seriously one of the most depressing hospital rooms I have ever been in.

I am so so so proud of this girl.  Kayla has been working on her Master's Degree for a good chunk of time, and she is finally finished and graduated!  Matt and I were so happy to be able to go and sit in the stands and support her!

Growing up, we had a husky as a pet.  He was the best dog and we were all devastated when he died (when I was in highschool).  I don't think I'd ever want another one as a pet (hello, hair!), but they still hold a special place in my heart.  Our neighbor is puppy sitting a husky for a friend who is deployed.  Her husband is also deployed, and Matt needed to go over there to install a new dishwasher for her.  It was a win-win for me and the kids; they got to play with friends and I got to play with the puppy!!

She is so beautiful!

I seriously didn't put her down very much.

Cooper drew this paw print one morning (while watching Paw Patrol) and was so proud of himself!

More "happy morning" pictures in front of the Christmas tree!

Book club for December!  We read "Before We Were Yours" and this has ended up being my favorite book club book of 2017!  We were missing quite a few members this month, but we still had a good time!

Cooper had a dentist appointment this month, so Matt picked him up from school and they had a lunch date before his appointment!

Matt texted me this picture and said, "they really need some boy toys in here" - haha.

Cooper is a champ at the dentist!  He's never scared, never fusses, and just goes with it!  LL had a rocky start when she was little (like 3), but she loves it now.  I hate the dentist, so I'm glad the kids are not like me!

Ninja Turtle toothbrush!

He even rocked out the x-rays!

When you do a good job at the dentist, you get a trip to the treasure box!

We've been trying to coordinate schedules to see Clint and Sarah for a few weeks now, but it just hasn't happened.  Thankfully, we finally were able to work out an evening where we could go over there and visit for a little bit.  The kids just had so much fun together, and the adults always have a blast.  It works out so well because the boys are the same age (only 6 weeks apart just like their Daddies!), and LL loves Susanna (LL is all about younger kids/babies right now -- as long as they aren't her brother - haha)!  They pair off and just do so good in their pairs!

Sarah made us some homemade pizza and it was so yummy!

These boys are just the best of friends!

After pizza we bundled up to make some s'mores!

We love this family so much!

It's crazy to think how much has changed since then, but Sarah and I have been friends for 15 years now!  From two young girls who were dating college boys to moms of (almost) 5 kids, a lot has changed!  I can't wait to meet the newest baby to their tribe!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this at school - I'm teaching figurative language and poetry, and LL is adding a picture of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus to the notes on my board.  :)

LL got to go to a play with Gigi and Poppy this month!  This is their "thing" together and LL loves it!

While LL was at the play, Cooper got to go hunting with Daddy!

We got a letter home from LL's schools saying that she was getting an award at awards day!  Daddy and I both were there to see her!

I'm going to be honest for a minute - 3rd grade hasn't been the easiest for us.  For the most part, LL  has always done really well with school (with only a few hiccups along the way).  This year is kind of rocking our world.  We're trouble shooting things to find out what the issue is (more studying, proactive help, motivation, focus, etc.), we we have had our fair share of tears and a few grades on assignments that aren't acceptable in our house.  It has been a struggle.  With that being said, LL ended up the semester with (from two report cards) 6 A's and 2 B's.  While we still have room for improvement, this girl has really been working, and she has earned those grades.  We are so proud of her.  Learning to work hard (even if you have to fall some along the way) is exactly the lesson that she's learning (and is something that she needs to know how to do).  She ended Semester 1 strong, and we'll keep working hard so that Semester 2 can do the same thing!

If there's one thing I can say, it's this: Since preschool, LL has had nothing but amazing teachers.  She has had wonderful women who push her and pour into her at the same time and this year is no exception!

These are two parents who are over the moon for this girl!

Emily and Spear were cleared to come home right before we got out for Christmas break.  We took over dinner one night and the kids and Matt finally got to meet him.  LL is all about the babies right now - she was in heaven holiding this sweet boy!

Two weeks later and he's still as perfect as ever!

Chick-Fil-A's peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes are amazing!

Cooper loves doing "silly faces" with his Momma.  I soak it up because one day he won't want to be in pictures with me at all.

Cooper lost his first tooth in November.  He's had two that are semi loose next to it, but then this happened (literally the night before we left for Atlanta).  Let me say this - this tooth was not ready to come out.  It was loose, but not that loose.

Then Cooper got this attitude about it:

It was loose, and he jumped off his bed.  When he landed, his teeth hit together and he said he heard a crack, and his tooth was much more loose.  It was very wiggly, but not wiggly enough to come out.  He spent the next 30ish minutes wiggling it as hard as he could, and then just ripped it out!  I kept telling him to stop and that it was going to hurt, but he said he was fine!  I had to walk away at several points because it was making me feel sick (I don't do teeth), but this boy got it out!  2nd lost tooth - 2nd one he pulled out himself!

It's actually not is other middle one, it's the one beside it.  His new tooth was coming in and pushing it out.  So he's got two holes, and one tooth right in the middle of both of them (I see braces in our future)

He was so stinking proud of himself!

Matt caught Aspyn sleeping and snuggling her baby (that she got for Christmas)

The Chick-Fil-A playground - a mom's favorite place when it's cold and rainy outside and she has stir crazy kids!

Gentry, Gray, and Anna Reed came into town after Christmas - and we were all about some baby snuggles!  It's been the month for baby snuggles for sure!

Cooper hit official "big boy" status when he got a BB gun from Uncle Bryan for Christmas.  Matt bundled him up one morning and took him "hunting" with his new gun!

LL's best friend, Maddie, moved to a different school system two years ago.  These girls are just so sweet and love each other so much, so we work hard to make sure that they still get to see each other.  Maddie came over one day during Christmas break and spent the day with us.  As a fun treat, we left the boys at home and I took the girls to see Ferdinand.  It was a very cute movie and the girls loved it!

They are truly the best of friends!

More art!  LL drew a picture of her fish tank.

We got some festive gear for New Year's!

Ringing in 2018 together with Koko and Jelly Bean!

I can't tell you the last time we actually stayed up until midnight to ring in the New Year!

What I Wore:

What I Read:
#67 - The Lying Game
#68 - The Secret Life of Violet Grant (so so long but one of my favorites for the year!)
#69 - Here's To Us (a book club book and my favorite book club pick for the year!)

That's a wrap for December and (mostly) 2017!

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