Sunday, December 17, 2017

November Randoms

I feel like time took forever to get to Halloween, but then the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving (and after) just flew by!  This is just such a fun time of year that we stay so busy, and I think that helps the time pass so quickly.  

Here are all of the things that we were up to in November that didn't fit into a post by themselves (this month is pretty short and sweet compared to some other months!):

Don't you wear a Burger King crown while you watch cartoons in the morning??

 Matt took this picture of a picture while he was at his mom's one day.  He sent it to me, and I can't remember where I was, but I remember I was sooo busy and soooo tired.  I typed back, "Wow!  That looks just like you!!" - hahaha.  He said "That's because it is me!".  I knew it was him (duh), I just meant to say that, in that picture, he looks so much like Cooper does now!

Morning snuggles.  Aspyn is so sweet and patient.

The weather was so bi-polar this month.  Some days we found ourselves in shorts, and some days we were super bundled up.

Cooper jumped right as Matt took the picture, and this is what he caught.  Crazy!

My "good morning" pictures are one of my favorite parts of my day!

Matt's mom got stuck at the doctor one day, so he and his dad went to pick Cooper up and have a boy's lunch!

Random, but Cooper and Pop love to eat at the hospital cafeteria on Wednesdays - fried chicken and mac-n-cheese!

We also had a HUGE surprise this month: Cooper lost his first tooth!!  And not only did he lose it, he pulled it himself!

Ahhh!!  My baby is getting so big!

To celebrate Cooper being such a big boy, we met Kayla and Andrew for Sonic for dinner!

Koko snuggles!

A guy Matt works out with at the gym has started bringing his dog, and she and Matt have struck up quite the friendship!

Whew we had some crazy hair this month!  Thank goodness for Mrs. Angel and a good haircut!

 LL decided to let Aspyn wear one of her party hats - one looks thrilled, one not so much - haha.

Cooper earned his stickers this month, and he (finally) picked somewhere other than The Mill to go.  We all enjoyed some froyo at The Mix!

Matt got a dear this month and both kids were super interested in seeing it.

 Dressed up cute for fall and church!

 I think someone has figured out that if she snuggles with the kids, I won't make her get off the couch.

 The Friday before Thanksgiving the kids wore their Thanksgiving gear to school!

Our book club met up this month after reading "Wonder" to see the movie.

Hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts about November/December!

After we found out that Mrs. Kayla is having a girl, LL drew her the sweetest little picture!

Drawing on this chalkboard is one of Cooper's favorite things to do.  And I just love his heart!

 We are all loving the lights that Daddy put up outside this year!

What I'm Reading

So obviously I did a terrible job of taking pictures of my books this month.  I read 5 books this month:

62: The Good Daughter - I really liked this!  It was one of those "sort of creepy" type of books, but it wasn't over the top.

63: Everything I Never Told You - this was a book club book from a few months ago that I hadn't gotten to.  I enjoyed this one!  I felt like the ending was a little weak, but it kept my interest going to try and figure out what was going on.

64: Winter Solstice - This was the 4th book in what started as a trilogy by Elin Hildebrand.  The first three books were the first three that I read in 2017, so it was fitting to read another one before the year ended.

65: The Guest Cottage - this one was my least favorite of the month.  It was too predictable/unrealistic for me.  It was just "eh".

66: Before We Were Yours - This was our book club book to finish for December, and I actually ended up loving it.  It had two story lines, and one definitely held my attention more than the other, but I really really liked it.  What was also crazy was reading at the end about which parts of the book were based on reality.

What I'm Wearing

Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Vans

Top: Boutique last year, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Tom's

Top: Target, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Vans

Shirt: Old Navy, Jacket: Nordstrom, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Toms

Shirt: School (I know you're dying for one), Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden

Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Groopdealz last year

Jacket: Under Armour, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Boutique 3 years ago, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Groopdealz last year

Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Toms

Sweater: Old Navy, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Vans

Sweater: Boutique last year, Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Nordstrom

Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Groopdealz last year

Shirt: Botique last year, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Nordstrom

Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Vans

Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Groopdealz last year

Shirt: Boutique 3 years ago, Vest: Boutique 3 years ago, Leggings: Nordstrom (zella), Boots: Coach

Jacket: Under Armour, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Boutique 3 years ago, Necklace: AliExpress, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Toms

 That's a wrap for November!  Now on to a lot of Christmas fun!

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