Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Christmas Tree Farm 2017

After Thanksgiving is over (you can read all about our week HERE), we all start really craving the Christmas season!  We used to go get our tree the first Saturday in December, but a few years ago we moved it up and started going the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We all really like that better and it (typically) gives us another week with our tree up.

This year, the weather was absolutely beautiful for the Saturday that we went.  Some years, it's pretty warm (which isn't fun), but this year it was perfect.  It was cool enough to wear winter clothes, but we weren't hot or cold while we were walking around.

We got there right as they opened, and we spent a good bit of time walking around to find the perfect tree.  This is the first year in several years where the kids were more into finding the perfect tree than they were into just running around the farm while Matt and I looked.  They both put a lot of input and opinions into which one we got (even if they both did try to talk us into getting them small, live trees for their room - haha).

One of my favorite pictures each year.  I wonder how many more years until they are the same height??

We found the perfect one!  We all decided we wanted a shorter, skinnier tree this year.  Usually, we get the tallest, fattest tree we can fit in our house.  Now that this one is up, we are loving the skinnier tree!

We didn't bring anyone else with us, and there weren't many people walking around near us before we cut it down, so we didn't get a family picture.  No worries - we just split up Mommy and Daddy and got individual pictures!

We both absolutely love the tradition of going to the tree farm!

 Both kids took turns helping Daddy saw the tree down.  LL was so proud of herself because she "pushed the tree over" while Daddy was sawing.  ;)

Heading back to the truck!

This was the sweetest little moment.  While we were walking back, Cooper grabbed the top of the tree to help Daddy all on his own.  He said he was a big boy and needed to help carry the tree!  #allthehearteyes #soprecious

Typically, LL drives with Matt up to the shaker/netter and Cooper and I ride in the back.  This year, LL wanted to ride in the back with us!

Sitting on a tailgate while driving through a bumpy field and trying to take a picture?  Not so easy!  Haha.

This day was literally perfect.  Both kids were so into decorating this year.  We blasted Christmas music and just had an amazing time together.  It was a day I will treasure forever!

Our Christmas tree expeditions throughout the years!

I know it's so cliche, but goodness they just grow too fast!

You can see our past visits to the Christmas Tree Farm here:

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