Sunday, November 12, 2017

October Randoms

October seemed like a really long, really full month for us.  The anticipation for Halloween was so high; I think that helped slow the month down for us.  Here are all the random things we were up to this month:

We went one afternoon to get Matt and Cooper's haircut, and Meghan and Luke were there, too.  Cooper was so happy to see his buddy!

We were excited about some cooler weather!

Early morning snuggles.

Aaaaand just like that the cooler weather was gone - haha.

This beauty was looking extra cute on picture day!

We met up at Cheddar's this month for Book Club (October's book was "The Light We Lost").

Cooper told his teachers one day that he was going to bake them a cake.  They thought he meant a pretend cake, so they were pretty surprised when he showed up the next day with real cakes for them!  This boy loves to cook and bake!

This is how we all feel about mornings.

Especially Monday mornings.

I was talking to another teacher at work when I opened my snack and looked down...

Grammy and Pop baked Halloween cupcakes with the kids one Friday evening.

Arby's ran a promotion this month where they had a very limited supply of venison sandwiches.  They did this last year in just a few stores around the country and they sold out super quickly.  After we went to the pumpkin patch, Matt was prepared and literally the first one in Arby's to get one this year - haha.

He said it was good!

Future football player?  Probably.

Cooper's class had a field trip scheduled to Raisin' Cane one Monday.  I took the whole day off to go with him.  This was our face when the field trip got cancelled due to rain!  No!

He ended up having a normal day at school, but I was able to pick him up (a luxury for me)!  We made a fun day and got Sonic for lunch anyway.

They hid a bat sticker at Matt's gym and had prizes for anyone who found it.  After weeks of everyone looking, Matt found it in the drink cooler!  He won $150 worth of prizes!

The day that I took off for Cooper's field trip, LL got to ride to school with Mrs. Kayla!

Her first report card of 3rd grade and she made Principal's List (all A's!)

My silly boys.

Cooper earned another trip somewhere this month, and he picked The Mill (again - Matt and I are over their yucky pizza - haha).  LL hit the jackpot on one of the games!

Proud of our boy!

Oma and Opa came with us this time!

He's such a good "girl dad".

Twinning for spirit day!

Oma and Opa went to eat lunch with LL on grandparent's day!

Cooper and Grammy made pumpkin pies!  He kept insisting he wanted one (he's never had one before), so they made some in the literal shape of a pumpkin and he loved them!

The art students made this beautiful wall mural in our school!  I was so impressed - it was beautiful!

We carved pumpkins at Grammy and Pop's one night.  This girl is all about it!

While Cooper still gags.  He scooped out pretend guts from his plastic pumpkin - haha.

Finished product!

After we carved pumpkins, we made it home just in time to see Daddy's first deer of the season!

What I Wore:
Shirt: Nordstrom
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Target

Shirt: Amazon
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Michael Kors

Dress: Stitchfix
Shoes: Target

Shirt: Target
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Shirt: Target
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Vans

Shirt: Target
Pants: Gap

Pajama Day for Red Ribbon Week!

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Shoes: Toms

What I Read:
This was a good one that I really enjoyed this month!

I always love some JP!

This one took a long time for me to get into, but I ended up liking it in the end.

Book #60 was "Love the One Your With" and I ended up not liking it that much at all.

This was another one that was a disappointment for me.

That's a wrap for October!

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