Monday, November 6, 2017

Life Lately

We've been pretty busy bees this past 1.5 weeks with quite a few fun things!  Here's what we've been up to:

Last weekend the local Air Force base put on an air show.  The last time they did this was two years ago, and we all had a super fun time!  My sister and her family planned to come down that weekend to come see the air show, too!

Walking in to see this huge plane is a pretty awesome thing!

In a seat and ready to go!

Cooper loved climbing up in this truck - it seriously took us about 15 minutes to convince him to come out and keep looking around!

It took quite a bit of walking around, but we finally found Ben!

Cooper thought it was so funny that he fit perfectly under the tail of this plane!

I haven't seen my sister since our trip to the beach in July!  I have missed her so much!

Waiting in line to climb in the cockpit!

Sitting in the pilot's seat!

After we looked around for a little while, we found a good place to put our chairs and watch some of the planes do tricks!

One of the soldiers came around and gave Cooper an Air Force football and Air Force sunglasses - he was so excited about both!

Each kid got to pick out a plane toy, and it was so sweet to watch them all flying their planes right along with the show.  :)

After the air show, we dropped the kids off with Grammy and Pop to go to dinner with Laura and Gino.  The day before was their 16th wedding anniversary, and they asked us to celebrate with them!  We went to Steel Magnolias and the food was delicious!

Some of the little alleys downtown are just set up so pretty!

The day before at the air show, we had to leave before the Thunderbirds did their show (Cooper was tired and we went home for his nap).  Sunday we spend the morning with my sister before she went home, and we decided to go back to the air show (after she left) for just the Thunderbirds.  We were in shorts the day before, and the next day we were in all of our winter gear!  #crazysouthgeorgiaweather #thisiswhycoopergotcroup

So windy and cold!

We were all set up and ready for the Thunderbirds!

Just a boy with his headphones, sitting in a wagon, covered in popcorn - haha.

Sometimes- you put your "adult-ness" aside and wear your daughter's bear ear hat on the way back to the car - haha.

The next day at school was Cooper's Pumpkin Party.  I wasn't able to go, but Daddy was there for our boy!

Matt said Cooper insisted on a picture with Mrs. Tish and Daddy before they left.

One of Cooper's fun things with Flip Flop was going to Firehouse for lunch!

LL doesn't normally like any of the animals in her bed when she's going to sleep, but she let Aspyn stay in there one night when she went to bed.  Aspyn was so happy!

I went back in about an hour later and found them like this.

Friday, Matt had to go pick up Cooper from school because he was coughing so bad.  Since they were out early together, they went to Pizza Hut for a boys lunch!

Matt and I had planned for a few weeks to have a date night on November 3rd to go see the new Thor movie (we both love all of the Marvel movies).  A date night two weekends in a row??  What is our life?!

We had a birthday party for Pop on Saturday, and Cooper and Flip Flop got in a good nap before the party started!

Gentry, Gray, and Anna Reed came for the party, and my crew of 4 was head over heels for this little girl!  We hadn't met her yet, and I don't think she spent more than 30 minutes outside of any of our arms!  LL was the most smitten with her for sure!

Snuggling a sleeping baby?!  I was in my happy place!

Even Cooper took a (very brief) turn.

A fall miracle happened and both of our kids absorbed the extra hour when we "fell back" and we all got some more sleep before church!  This made for some happy, well-rested kids!

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