Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School 2017 (3rd Grade and Pre-K 4)

School for me and LL started on a Friday this year.  As a teacher, I love school starting on a Friday.  You get your new students, you go over all the rules and procedures, you ease them back into school life, and then you get to hit the ground running with curriculum on Monday!  I know as a parent it can seem crazy to start school on a Friday, but I love it!

LL is getting so big and is just so precious - it was the first year that she was so super involved in her first-day-of-school outfit.  She picked out everything down to her headband and jewelry - and she did a great job!  She looked precious!  I didn't even realize it until we went to take our picture, but we matched!

Annual first day pictures!

She was so excited all summer to go to 3rd grade!  She's at a new school this year, and she was so excited to just be right across the street from me!

We made it to her classroom and to her seat!  I am soaking up these days - I don't know how much longer she'll want me to walk her to class on the first day.

I thought about her all day (even though my day was so busy and crazy!).  When she got to me in the afternoon she was all smiles!

Matt was home working on all of our garage/termite issues, so we went to dinner with Gigi to celebrate surviving the first day of school!

The Wednesday after LL started school, Cooper started his last year of preschool!  Cooper is 5 (but a summer birthday), so we decided to redshirt him.  He's in pre-k 4 this year and loving it!

So handsome!

Cooper's first "homework" assignment was to take this man home and decorate him however he wanted.  Some parents went all out and their child's person was absolutely perfect.  Well.  We are not those parents (haha) and Cooper did his all by himself!  It may not be perfect, but I absolutely love it and it is all Cooper!  Blue crayon, blue paint, and tons of Spiderman stickers.  I think he did great!  (LL did the same man/girl when she was in pre-k 4 - you can see her's HERE)

We all adore Mrs. Tish and are over the moon that Cooper is in her class this year!

Already teaching him independence on day 1 and showing him where/how to hang up his own bag.

When Grammy and Pop picked him up from school, they took him to lunch at the hospital.  So random, but it's one of their favorite places to go together.  Cooper got all of his favorite buffet food - friend chicken, mac-n-cheese, a roll, fruit, jello, and cake.  According to Grammy and Pop, he ate it all!

It was a great kick off to the school year for all 3 of us.  Here's to hoping this is the best one yet!

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