Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer - Week 9

After VBS filling up most of our time last week, we were ready for a week full of fun with friends!  Week 9 of summer was from July 17 - 23.  Here's what we were up to:

I literally took zero pictures on Monday, and that is mostly due to the fact that we didn't have much to take pictures of!  We stayed home all day and played in our rooms, did some cleaning, and caught up on laundry.  It was just a "recharge at home" kind of day!


It's a good thing that we had a relaxing day on Monday, because Tuesday was packed full!  Up first was our annual trip to the fire station with our friends!  While this trip is a lot of fun for the kids, they also do get a lesson on fire safety before they get to play with all the stuff.  

After the lesson, it's time to play!

LL missed last year because she was at music camp - it was nice to have her back this year!

LL isn't always the nicest to Cooper (duh - siblings), but she loves some Logan!

Cooper's favorite is always trying on the *real* fire hat.

Last year vs. this year - goodness he has grown!

LL had never tried the real hat on before!

This jacket was so cute how it swallowed up both of the kids!

A favorite for everyone is getting to shoot water from the fire hose!

Our crew!  Some years it's small (last year there were only 4 of us) and some years it's big!

After the fire station, several of us met up at Chick-Fil-A for lunch (I didn't take any pictures).  After lunch, I dropped Cooper off to nap at Grammy and Pop's, and then LL and I went to her dentist appointment.

I kid you not when I tell you that this girl loves the dentist.  Cooper had his appointment several weeks ago, and LL has been bugging me about when hers is ever since!

That evening, I met up with the Book Club girls for dinner and a movie.  This month's book was "One True Loves" (spoiler alert: we all loved it), and since there wasn't a movie for the book, we went to see "The Beguiled" (spoiler alert: don't waste your money-  it was pretty boring and weird)


LL had a birthday party for a friend from school on Wednesday.  Cooper and I dropped her off, and then we went by my school for me to sign my new contract (some stuff had to be added since the end of the school year - yay for more money!).  Since we were up there, we went down to check out my classroom - I've got a lot of work ahead of me for pre-planning!

I couldn't go to Adel without getting some Blarney Muffins!  I got strawberry cheesecake, lemon, and chocolate covered strawberry.  Lemon is my favorite!

I got this picture from the party - all the girls were having a blast!

When I went to pick LL up, her friend Jules was getting picked up at the same time, so we all went to the peach shed for some ice cream before going home!

 That night we did a movie night!


Since LL's best friend moved to a different school last year, we've tried to still get the girls together some.  Earlier in the summer, LL spent the day at Maddie's house.  On Thursday, Maddie came with us for a fun day at Wild Adventures!

Cooper didn't want to be left out with a car picture - haha.

LL always wants to hold the animals that they have out at the entrance to Wild Adventures, but Cooper never does.  To say that I was shocked when he held this bird (a "Cock-a-doo" as he calls it - haha) is an understatement!

I was not shocked at all when LL wanted to hold the ferret.

You gotta stop to ride some things on the way back to the water park!

This little bouncy ride is LL's favorite.

We finally made it to the water park!

Emily and I were the water park queens this summer!

Tess finally got up the courage to start going down some of the smaller slides, and she and Cooper had a blast!

Our crew for the day!

The kids convinced me to let them ride this one on the way out of the water park.  I'm not gonna lie - I was pretty terrified that Cooper would find some way to wiggle out of this.  He didn't and was perfectly still and safe the whole time - haha.

Of course.

That night I started book #44.  It was okay, but it took me a long time to get into it and I felt like it bounced around from character to character a lot.  Not terrible, but not my favorite.


Friday morning we dropped the kids off with Grammy and Pop for a little while so that Matt and I could go to a meeting with a travel agent.  We haven't booked anything yet, but we're about 99% sure that we're going to be taking the kids on a cruise next summer!

After our meeting, Matt went to work and I hit the gym.

 This kids were having a blast at Grammy and Pop's house!

That afternoon, we went to Oma and Opa's house for dinner.  After dinner, we went to a new sno cone place that has just opened up this summer.  They do New Orleans style sno cones (filled with soft serve ice cream), which I was extremely skeptical about, but they turned out to be amazing!

Cooper wasn't complaining!

So good!  We will be back for more!


Saturday we spent the day at home catching up some chores around the house.  The kids played a ton, Matt mowed the yard and put up a basketball goal, and I did some house keeping inside.  I did make a yummy acai bowl for lunch!

That evening, Matt and I dropped the kids off to spend the night with Grammy and Pop while we went to a birthday dinner for Poppy's sister.  It was her 80th birthday and we went to a new (fancy) restaurant in a town close by.  It was fun to get all dressed up for a change!

Just a little bit of what we ate (no - this wasn't all!).  It was all amazing!


Since the kids got to spend the night with Grammy and Pop the night before, Matt and I got to sleep in!  It was glorious!  The kids were up early and lizard hunting at Grammy and Pop's.

We finally got up and rolling to make it over there by lunch.

During nap time, I ran up to the hospital to see Casey and her sweet new boy!

Sunday night started music camp for LL.  She had camp from 3-7, so we had a date night with Cooper!  It's not often that both Matt and I get alone time with just one of the kids.  We had won a free pizza at Mellow Mushroom, so we headed there for dinner!

Silly faces while we wait!

They were so sweet and brought Cooper some dough to play with while he waited for the food.  He loved it.

After pizza, we hit up DQ for some ice cream (Cooper's favorite).

After Cooper went to bed, I started working on stuff for the kid's sale.  Pricing things is not my fav!

Here's a little video of the week:

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