Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer - Week 11

Our very last week of summer was from July 31 - August 6.  We tried to fit in a few more fun things before getting back to school mode!  Here's what we were up to:

Monday morning Cooper went to spend the day at Grammy and Pop's house so that LL and I could have a girls day with Oma.  It's become our yearly tradition to have a girls day and let LL pick out her outfit for the first day of school.  We had lunch at Chicken Salad Chick (LL's choice!) and then spent a few hours in town shopping!

We decided to have a more "low key" day on Tuesday because I knew the rest of our week was pretty busy.  The kids and I spent the day at home (in our pj's!) playing, cleaning, and doing all of the laundry.

After naps we did head over to the Parker's to have one last swim date this summer!

Wednesday was a BIG day!  We dropped the kids off at Gigi and Poppy's house for some swim time and then Matt and I headed to the orthodontist to get his braces off!  I haven't mentioned it specifically on the blog, but Matt got braces in January of 2016.  He was such a good ortho patient and, 20 months later, it was time for them to come off!

Ready to get these bad boys off!

Last picture with braces!

My first sneak peak!

Impressions - haha.

They are so perfect and look so good!!

Our first picture together!  A sweet girl up front made Matt this cute sign.

With his sign and his goodies - they gave him a goody bag full of all of the things that he couldn't eat for the last 20 months!  It was so sweet!

 His before and after from the doctor - his smile is not only straight, but it's so much bigger!  Also, losing 70 lbs in these 20 months helped make him look a lot different, too - haha.

This is the "before and after" that shocked me so much.  I did not realize how much before that you couldn't see his bottom teeth when he smiled.  Part of what they did during his stint with braces was to move his bottom jaw forward, and now you can see his bottom teeth when he smiles.  Look at how perfect they are!

After he got his braces off, I went back to Gigi's house with the kids (and he went to work).  That night, we had date night with dinner and a movie - popcorn was one of the things he missed the most!

He was also happy to not eat ribs with a fork - haha.

I am just so proud of Matt for how diligent he was over the course of having braces.  He did everything they asked of him so that they could come off as soon as possible.  Having braces as an adult isn't the easiest thing in the world, and I know he struggled sometimes with not loving having to wear them.  But the end result is amazing and his smile is now absolutely perfect!

Thursday I did my "day in the life" post for summer - you can read all about it HERE.

Friday I took literally zero pictures.  We spent the day at home, and that evening I worked the local kids sale.  It was a pretty calm day!

Saturday morning we had to run to Home Depot, and we stumbled on their kid's workshop!  While I looked at pain colors, these guys had fun building and painting trucks!

This is so random, but our Home Depot has a food truck outside that literally has the best hotdogs that I've ever had.  We treated ourselves to a super yummy and super cheap lunch!

The kids played outside for a little bit when we got home, and this sweet boy picked his Momma a flower!

That evening I had my kids sale.  Matt won "father of the weekend" by taking both kids solo to a birthday party!  I was thankful to get these pictures to feel like I was there!  I don't miss taking the kids to birthday parties often (I think this was only the second time) and I hated not being there!

Sweet Cooper giving Susanna a present, too.

Sunday we headed to church!

That is a wrap on our summer vacation!!  Let the school year begin!!

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