Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Panama City - Days 3 & 4

If you missed the prior beach posts, you can read them here:

Saturday was our last full day at the beach.  It was also scheduled to rain this day, so we worked a lot on a "back-up" plan in case outdoor activities weren't possible.  Thankfully we didn't need it and were able to fit in some fun things!

First on our list of "must do activities"?  Fit in some more time at the beach!  This was our path from the condo to the beach - isn't it so pretty?

It was super windy, but the kids were still ready for some fun!

These two just love the ocean so much.

Emily bought Cooper this treasure-finding truck for his birthday, and it has seriously been the best gift.  He absolutely loves it (and LL does, too!)  Since he got his, we've given it as a gift twice already to other kids!

LL saw a big ghost crab, so she and Cooper went on the hunt to find it.

Time to call in the professional!

Daddy found it!

This guy was even bigger than the one he caught the day before!

I finally got enough guts to hold it!

LL was too nervous to hold it, but she touched it!

I was so surprised when Cooper let Matt bury him.  He's never seen someone do it in real life (LL doesn't want to do it), and he's usually not one to branch out in activities like this.  It didn't last long, but he had fun!

The kids wanted to feed the seagulls again, and there was absolutely no one on the beach (early morning + looks like rain = empty), so we got a huge crowd around!

Matt got these pictures of Cooper throwing the food up to the birds and he is literally off the ground in every single picture.  I love how he puts all of his might into jumping and throwing the bread!

So Laura and LL were holding food in their hands and letting the birds get it.  It was scary, but I did it.  Then, they started looking up at the birds as they took the food (which is WAAAAYYYY scarier by the way), and it completely freaked me out.

Here's a pretty hilarious montage video of me trying to get up the courage to 1- hold the food for the birds to get out of my fingers and 2- look up at them while they did it.

The kids crawled around like animals and scared the birds after we ran out of food - haha.

We went back up to the house a little before lunch, and it literally started raining about 5 minutes after we came in.  We ate lunch and then Cooper went down for a nap.  While he (and maybe me, too) slept, Laura took LL shell shopping!  They both are so alike sometimes, and this activity was so "them".

The rain cleared up by the time nap time was over, so we went to minigolf!

The place we went was definitely lacking in the "up-keep" department, but overflowing in the "awesome course" department.  All of the holes had neat obstacles that you rarely see at mini-golf (like the old school hit-it-through-the-windmill type stuff).  It was pretty cool!


Cooper is not one to really play by the rules at minigolf (and we just don't care), so we were all super surprised when he got a no-cheating-do-it-like-you're-supposed-to genuine hole-in-one!  His first one ever!

It's not an outdoor activity until LL finds an animal!

Ben and Gino climbed to the top of this guy!

After golf, we all split up for a little while.  Our family headed to Panera for dinner!

Cooper was so excited that we let him get a "smoo-vie".  He loved it and drank every drop!

After dinner, we all met back up for ice cream!  It's not a beach trip until you take a trip to get ice cream, right?

The condo had a really cute kids room that had two bunk-beds in it.  The three kids actually did really well all sleeping in the same room.  We've never put them all together before!

Cooper's 4:50am wake-ups were killer.  He got up early (and woke LL up in the process), so I kept him in the room with me and tried to keep him as quiet as I could.  While I did that, LL and Matt went to the living room and crashed on the couch.

Once I heard Ben get up, I took the boys down to the water.  The perks of staying right on the beach, right?

Gino was on a run, and when he came back he brought breakfast!

So.  So.  Good.

 We spent the morning packing and cleaning so we could head home.

Once everything was ready to go, we hit the beach for about 10 minutes just to say goodbye!

That's a wrap on our beach trip!  We had such a fun trip, and getting to go with our favorite people made it so much better!

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