Friday, August 4, 2017

Panama City - Day 1

We started planning our tip to Destin around January of this year.  About the same time, my sister started planning Ben's birthday trip to Panama City for the end of the summer.  They must have had a good time with us last year because they invited us to come back with them this year.  ;)  Our trip was a Thursday - Sunday just like last year.  This really is the perfect amount of time!  We have plenty of time to fit in everything that we want to do without feeling rushed, but we also aren't there so long that everyone starts to get sick of each other - haha.

Ready to hit the road for our last trip of the summer!

Lola stayed at Grammy's house and Grammy sent this picture about an hour after we left and said that Lola had been laying by the door the whole time waiting for us - bless her.

We fall back an hour going there, so we got there right after 1:00.  Our whole crew was happy to be out of the car!

We got unpacked and let the kids play for about an hour and then it was time to hit the beach!

Last summer we got to spend so much time together - it's been a change to get used to not having her around as much this summer.

Literally, for an entire year, LL has been talking about going back to PCB and finding sea cucumbers.  Last year they were all over the place and she absolutely loved playing with them.  This year, this was the only one we found!  At least she found one and was a happy camper!

I don't tend to go into the ocean very much, but Aunt Laura is always down to be in the water and playing!

The nice thing about vacationing with someone else?  Having someone there to take a family picture!

Last year at PCB I got bit (snapped?  clawed?  pinched?) by a crab on one of my only journeys into the ocean (you can read about it here).  While I was sitting under then tent, I saw this huge ghost crab come out of his hole about 6 feet away.  Matt dug him out and found him!

It was so weird - he could tuck his eyes in like they are here, and he could also stick them out way above his body.

We let him go make another home.

We played on the beach for a few hours and then came back in to get ready for dinner.  We tried out Bayou Bill's Crab House for the first time.  It was pretty good!

After dinner we all came out on the porch and watched Gino fly his drone around.

After the kids were asleep, I met Matt out on the beach for some evening fishing.  We didn't catch much, but it was some nice quiet time to ourselves.  Plus, you can't beat this view!

It wasn't big, but it was fun to catch!

Here's a video I made of all of our video clips from the day (including the crab adventure):

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