Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Day In The Life - Summer Edition

I absolutely love reading "day in the life" posts from other bloggers.  Isn't it so weird how interesting it can be to see what other people do all day?  I try to do one of these posts two times a year: once in summer and once during the school year.  The reality is, my days are very different depending on if school is in or out!  The last "day in the life" post I did was this past September when school was in.  For this "day in the life" post, I chose August 3.  This was during our last week of summer vacation.  Here's what a summer day looks like for me and the kids!

One of my favorite parts of summer break is not having to set my alarm clock.  I have to get up so early during the school year (my alarm goes off at 4:50), so unless we have something going on, we do not set an alarm during the summer.  Our kids are early risers, so for us, 6:41 can be considered sleeping in.  ;)

Cooper woke up at 6:40, came in our room, and snuggled in bed with me while Matt got in the shower.  We snuggled and watched some cartoons!

I got up to start getting ready, but someone else wasn't really feeling it - haha.

I changed up my breafast routine this summer.  I used to eat a bagel thin with cream cheese every day.  This summer, I started eating some fresh strawberries, vanilla greek yogurt, and granola.  It is so much yummier and more filling!  All of our bowls were in the dishwasher, so I had to eat out of tupperware - haha.

After breakfast, I threw in a load of laundry.

After Matt left for work, the kids had some chill time.  Cooper played with his magnatiles.

And LL played with Aspyn -haha.

I got ready while the kids played -- and I was not amused at my findings this morning!

We finally got moving and out of the house to run some errands.  First up was Cooper's chiropractor appointment.  Cooper started going to the chiropractor when he was 2 years old and dealing with both a speech delay and acid reflux.  We did some research and heard some things about the chiropractor being able to help with both of his issues.  He has been going once a month for the last 3 years!  He also no longer has acid reflux or a speech delay, so you can judge if it helped or not.  :)

I'm thankful for doctor's offices that have activities for the kids while we wait!  So thoughtful!

Blue Spiderman!

Waiting in the room isn't as much fun as in the lobby.  We took pictures and then played "Simon Says" (it's my go-to keep them quiet and entertained in public game!)

We also had haircuts scheduled for this day, and our chiropractor appointment got over much quicker than I anticipated.  We decided to go to the library to kill some time!

Thankful for activities here, too!

Time for haircuts!  Here's the before:

And here's the after:

These two are ready for school!

Whew!  So much better!

I was so proud of LL - her hair takes a beating during summer from all of the swimming we do.  It needed at least 3 inches cut off, and she decided to cut off 6!  It looks so cute and grown up!

As a reward for making in through a doctor's appointment and haircuts, we went to have a fun lunch together at Chick-Fil-A.  I'm actually really proud of us -  we typically eat lunch out quite a bit during the summer, but we didn't really do that at all this year.  Eating out one last time was a real treat for all three of us!

LL found a rock when we were leaving!

When we got home, Cooper went down for a nap and LL had some room time.  While they did that, I worked on the blog!  I got the post up for Week 9 of summer break!

After I got the post up, I took some quiet time to lay on the bed and read!  It was so nice!

So.  Rotten.

Back to reality!  Time to fold the laundry from earlier in the day.


When Matt got home, he stayed with Cooper, and LL and I left.  Casey had just gotten home from the hospital, so LL and I took them dinner.  While Casey and I chatted, LL provided entertainment for Carter - haha.

When I left Casey's house, Matt called to say that he found termites in our garage.  What?!?  This turned out to be the first day in a long list of days to fix our house.

Since I splurged and ate Chick-Fil-A for lunch, I just ate a balanced break for dinner while the kids ate leftovers.

LL tried on this little cheer outfit for the first time - she is so adorable!!

After the kids went to bed, I got to work pricing some clothes for the kids sale.

At 10:11 I called it quits and went to bed!

That's a wrap for our "day in the life" during the summer!!  School is back in and life looks much different now.  ;)

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