Thursday, April 6, 2017

March Randoms

March was a month that seemed to go by quickly for us!  I covered most of it in regular posts, so our random post this month is a little shorter than ususal.  Here's what we were up to that didn't make it into a post by itself:

Cooper had hat day at school and was excited to wear his pirate hat!

My boys!

LL had a book fair this month at school, and Grammy and Pop took her to get some books!

I was so proud of Cooper's creativity this month!  While playing with playdough, he used the top of the play-stove to make the "heart of Tafiti" (from Moana).  It was a creative thing to do, and it impressed me!

Time change got me like...

Aspyn has been STINKY this month, which has led to quite a few baths.

The weather was absolutely obnoxious this month - we went from mid-eighties to low fifties.

I had to work the concessions stand at a baseball game one afternoon, so LL was my sidekick.  Sitting on a case of Mountain Dew, watching a movie with her Teddy, and eating a pickle - this was a happy girl.

Mornings were rough for us after the time change.  We got LL up one morning and she promptly went back to sleep in our bed while we were getting ready.  And so did the dogs.

Breakfast for dinner one night meant a yummy omelet for me!

Katie, Emily, and I met up for dinner and to see Beauty and The Beast one night.  It was a super fun girls night!

Blocks before school (and a lazy dog on the couch).

My t-shirt from Emily's adoption fundraiser came in this month, and I proudly wore it one Friday!

Cooper stayed with Gigi for a few days, and she sent me this picture.  He just looks so long!  Goodness!

He helped Gigi dig up some potatoes!

I got some duck boots on super sale and was excited that the weather got cold again so that I could wear them.

Cooper loves playing in the pool house at Gigi's.

That's a wrap for March!


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