Monday, April 17, 2017

Celebrating Matt

Matt's birthday was on a Sunday this year, but in true "Matt fashion", we spread out the celebrations over quite a few days!

Friday night, we met Gigi and Poppy at a BBQ restaurant that Matt and I have fallen in love with (Woodstack) for dinner.  It did not disappoint!

After dinner we went back to Gigi and Poppy's house for the best banana pudding ever!

Just boys and their technology.  :)

Saturday morning we let Daddy sleep in.  I took the kids and dropped them off to go to the gym, and then we picked up some treats on the way home!

Saturday night, we met Grammy and Pop at a super nice restaurant in town (Mom and Dads).  Matt and I were thinking about it, and we haven't eaten here since LL was a baby.  It was so good!

LL was a fan!  She ate all of my soup and all of her spaghetti!

We still had church and our normal stuff on Sunday (his actual birthday), but we tried to fit in some fun where we could.

This was our last Sunday in our old building at church - which means it was also our last #brickpic !

Matt wanted breakfast for lunch on his birthday.  We tried to go to Cracker Barrel, but it was crazy busy.  We ended up at Waffle House instead.  :)

For his birthday dessert, he said he wanted chocolate chips and gooey something - so I cooked a blast from the past - Congo bars!

Monday after school, we met up with Oma and Opa at Mellow Mushroom for pizza and the last of the birthday celebrations!

You can't have birthday celebrations without froyo!

We had so much fun spending so many days celebrating our favorite man!


The kids and I love you so so much.  You hung the moon for us, and we couldn't be more proud to have you as the leader of our family.  37 has never looked so good!!

I love you.


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