Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Recap: LL's 8th Birthday Edition!

This weekend was a special one, because Sunday was LL's 8th birthday!  We packed in as much fun as we could!  Here's what we were up to!

Casual Friday, here we come!

Since her birthday was on a Sunday, we celebrated Friday as her "school birthday".

Matt and I met LL at her school for lunch to celebrate her birthday!  I also dropped off Friday treats for her class, and Daddy brought her Chik-Fil-A for a special lunch treat!

Saturday morning, I had to drop off lots of stuff for the kid's sale.  I took LL with me, and after we dropped all of my stuff off, we picked up Gigi to run some errands and get lunch!

Gigi treated us to a yummy lunch at Atlanta Bread!  We haven't had a girl's day in a while, so we all enjoyed it a lot!

While the girls were shopping, Daddy took Cooper and Aspyn out to Mr. Clint's farm to run around and go squirrel hunting (used loosely as they didn't see any squirrels - haha).  They did, however, find a big dirt mountain for Cooper to play on!

This cracks me up - thumbs up!

Just a boy and his dog!

I've never had a dog that loves water before, so Aspyn being drawn to it is so funny to me!

The three of them walked over three miles!

When Cooper woke up from his nap, he had some *rare* snuggle time with Lola.  Lola is super old and loves to snuggle, but Cooper is not usually her first choice.  He loved it!

I left to go back to the kid's sale, and the kids played outside with Matt.  Our neighbors (and their friend) brought over two babies, and LL was in Heaven.  She loves anything to do with babies right now!

Treating myself before the kid's sale - gotta love a green straw day!

Matt cooked breakfast for dinner on Daddy-Duty!

For me, this is what $275 later looks like...

Lovie and Aspyn don't get along very well (Aspyn terrorizes her), so for to be out and snoozing on the couch is a rare deal!

We always have to end a kids sale with girl talk and junk food!

Sunday we woke up to an EIGHT year old in our house!!  We took some pictures outside before we headed to church.  I just love this girl so much!

One eight and one four for the next few months.

We are all in love with the birthday girl!

One thing is for sure - this girl has two parents who love her to the moon and back!

After church, we met up with all of our families for LL's birthday lunch.  The kids always get to pick either where they want to go or what they want me to cook for their birthday.  This year, LL picked Smokin' Pig.  We had a great lunch and presents, and I tried to get a picture with everyone before we left.

Oma and Opa

MeeMee, Grammy, and Pop

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Roiane (They're getting married!  And of the course the one picture I took had a blink in it.)

Poppy and Gigi

Our first family picture had a blink in it...

...and our second had a crazy Cooper.  Oh well - you win some and you lose some.  ;)

For dinner, LL requested spaghetti and meatballs.  One of Gigi's friends was so sweet and made LL a cute little cake.  The kids especially loved all of the candy on it!

After dinner snuggles (LL was in the bath)

And some Finding Dory (Thanks, Netflix!)

After baths, our neighbors came back over with some cupcakes and some baby snuggles.  LL loves Baby Beezy and can't hold her enough!

This is about as close as Cooper cares to get to a baby - haha.

It was a busy but super fun weekend celebrating our EIGHT year old girl!!

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