Sunday, February 19, 2017

LL's 8 Year-Old Well-Check

LL's 8 year old well visit was scheduled for Thursday, February 16.  It was not at a convenient time (we both had to miss an entire day of work and school), but when I tried to call and reschedule, they didn't have another opening for 3 months.  So we just took the day!  Cooper had a normal school day, and Daddy had work, so it was just me and my girl!  Here's what her visit looked like:

Weight: 60 lbs 8 oz - 64% (+8 lbs from last year)
Height: 51'' tall - 61% (+ 2 1/4" from last year)

Even though I assured her that there would be no shots at this visit, she was sooo nervous and not extremely cooperative during the triage portion.  Finally she realized that there was nothing to be nervous about and calmed down a good bit.  Here's what we talked about:

-They asked us about all of the standard things - booster seat, activity level, eating habits, screen time, etc.  As usual, everything was fine.

-Just like for most of her life, LL is extremely proportional (which is great!)

-The Doctor looked at her strawberry and said that it would probably be not-noticeable by her teen years.  She said that it would never been smooth skin (like nothing ever happened), but that it wouldn't really be noticeable.

-LL has been complaining about her foot lately (the same one that she broke last year).  The spot that she complains about isn't the same spot that she broke it in, and she's only been complaining about it for the last few weeks.  The doctor checked it over and said she probably just pulled a muscle in it, and she's not concerned about it at all.

-LL is a healthy girl and is growing perfectly!  We really do not take this for granted and are so happy that she is so healthy!  Unless she gets sick, we won't be back until her appointment next year!

Since we had the whole day off, we met Oma at Chicken Salad Chick for a girl's lunch!  It was a fun time together with just us girls!


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