Sunday, February 12, 2017

LL at 8 years old

LL is EIGHT years old!  Here's a look at her personality at 8:

-Right now, her imagination is just in over drive!  She is constantly telling stories, making up scenarios, and playing pretend with her toys.  Her little mind can come up with so much stuff, and some of it is pretty funny!  

-She's really into telling jokes right now, except she doesn't really get how they work.  So she tries to tell jokes all of the time, but they never really make sense - haha.

-She is doing so well in school.  We had a rough go at it for a little while in Q2 (ya'll - this 2nd grade math is no joke!), but it seems to have finally all clicked in her brain.  Her teacher is amazing, and between us working really hard at home and her teacher going above and beyond for her at school, LL is absolutely thriving in 2nd grade,

-She's learning to reign in her worrisome side.  She still struggles with this some, but she's getting better about it now that she's getting older.  Thankfully, this doesn't cause us quite as much stress as it used to.

-She has become quite the little adventurous little eater of the last year and a half!  She is very good about trying new things and tasting them before she decides if she likes them or not.  I love that!  She still has her picky moments, but I would definitely not describe her as a picky eater!

-She loves anything to do with art right now.  Drawing, coloring, painting, etc.  She is very creative, and we find little notes with drawings all over the house that she's made for us.  She also has about 15 little notebooks that she is constantly filling with notes and drawings.
-Just like I've said the last few years, LL still loves all things animals.  It truly doesn't matter what kind of animals - she loves them all!  She talks about them all the time, she brings home AR books about animals, and she loves the ones she has at home.  She is an animal lover to her core!

-She is a little book worm.  She loves to read.  Especially since she's getting to good at reading and understanding things on her own, she's falling even more in love with it.

-She has the sweetest, purest heart.  Her teacher sent me this message a few weeks ago, completely unprompted.  It was so unexpected and just filled my heart to hear this about my girl: Your daughter makes me smile everyday.  Just wanted to tell you that.  She's a ray of sunshine and has the love of Jesus in her heart for everyone.  She is so sweet when she encourages other children and me.  She told a boy today how good he is in math (and he is one who needs the affirmation) and tells me all the time how much fun things are or how much she's enjoying something.  Just wanted to tell you -- Good job!
Keep that sparkle, girl!


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