Monday, February 6, 2017

January Randoms

I won't lie - January seemed to drag on for forever!  And it seems like my random post proves that.  Typically, these posts aren't very long.  This month, we had a lot of random stuff that didn't make it into a post on its own.  Here's what we were up to in January:

Matt got me a spiralizer for Christmas (I actually asked for it, so no dog house for buying a kitchen appliance - haha).  We tried out some zoodles for spaghetti one night, and, despite the horrible picture, it was actually really yummy!

LL and I were being silly on the couch one night, and Matt snapped these pictures.  I love them.  :)

These sleepy heads did not want to get up for school!  Matt went and got LL and brought her to our room, and she went back to sleep!

Cutie pie!

I treated myself to a manicure this month (actually, two!)

I tried a half-up top knot for the first time - jury is still out on whether I can pull it off or not.

You know it's good sleep when you're sideways in your bed!

Matt had his work Christmas party (random, but it's been in January the past two years), and it was Great Gatsby themed.  I had borrowed a flapper style dress from a friend, but it was soooo cold that weekend, that I had to cover up as much as possible, so I didn't get to wear it.  I think we still pulled it off, though!

Random, but the bathroom at the venue was super pretty, so I had to take a picture.

This kid is so handsome.  That hand in the pocket just kills me.

She was fast asleep and not letting go of any of her animals!

LL had her cleaning at the dentist this month, and Daddy checked her out of school to take her.

LL also moved to a backless booster in Daddy's truck.  Her big booster was not working well, so this is a better situation all around!

Big girl status!

I posted this on facebook and instagram, but I'm going to just say the same thing again here because I can't do better the second time.  :)
This moment today was so special to me that I want to share it: For the last few years, it's become a "thing" in our house for Matt to call me "Mama bear" because he says I love our children fiercely (I even have a t-shirt that says it.) Last weekend, he told me he had ordered me a present. I jokingly said "thanks" and just brushed it off, thinking it must be just a funny little trinket (per his joking personality). As the days went on, he was obsessively tracking this gift and was just so excited for it to arrive. The more excited he was, the bigger of a gag gift I thought it was. Boy was I wrong. The gift came today, and he insisted that I wait for him to get home to open it. When I did, I saw this necklace inside (top picture). It's cute, and I loved the reference and the fact that it had two bear cubs for LL and Cooper. As I started to say thank you and give him a kiss, he told me to turn it over. When I did, and I realized that this angel bear on the back would be resting against my chest (bottom picture), I absolutely lost it. This gift is the most precious, thoughtful thing - magnified even more by the fact that it was so random in timing (no holidays or birthdays right now). The loss of a child is hard - whether in your womb or in your arms. While the ache of our sweet baby isn't something that we focus on every day, that pain never fully goes away. Matt and I don't talk about him all the time, but this simple acknowledgement of him included on the necklace was so thoughtful and sensitive. I'm telling you guys - this man of mine is a keeper. 

We met up with some friends on MLK day for some play time at Chik-Fil-A!

Ya'll - I don't even have a grocery cart rider anymore.  Both of my babies are too big!  When did this happen?!

After LL's dentist appointment, we had to go back the next week to have one of her sealants put back on.  She had them put on in the summer, but one needed to be re-done.  She was a champ!

Gigi picked up Cooper from school for a few days while Pop was recovering from surgery, and they had fun hunting lady bugs!

This boy is 100% a goofball.

One random Thursday night I met up with some of my fav girls to watch "La La Land".  I wasn't that impressed by the movie, but I loved a fun night with friends!

Every time that Cooper goes to Oma and Opa's house, he naps hard!

LL's teacher sent out this picture of her class using cereal to make their math arrays!  (She's in the blue shirt on the front row - it took me a second to find her - haha).

Momma was not in the mood for cooking one night, so we met up with Meghan, Luke, and Logan for dinner at Moe's!  You gotta love cheap kids nights!

The big kid table..

...where we stuck Matt and he proceeded to do air guitar with the whole table.  :)

LL loves some Logan!

This girl is my rock.  This year marks 27 years of friendship!  I pray that LL will develop life long bonds with some awesome girls!  It is so important!

Our gang!

Silly couch faces?  I think I will.


You gotta love customer appreciation day at Chicken Salad Chick!

I'm am loving some acai bowls!

A butterfinger cookie (or two) can't hurt.  :)

And that's a wrap for January!


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