Sunday, December 11, 2016

November Randoms

We are cruising on through December, and somehow, November seems long gone!  I've wrapped up all of my November posts except for this one.  Here are all of the random things from November that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

My "happy morning" picture from Matt every day is seriously one of the best parts of my morning!

Gigi picked up Cooper from school one day, and he had a blast climbing in the fig tree (that the kids named "Bucky") in the back yard.

Grammy and Pop and Cooper went out to lunch one day to celebrate Pop's birthday!

It was pretty random, but a trainer from Matt's gym heard about our weightloss story, and she asked us to come and be guests on her radio show one night!

It was pretty hilarious to me because, while we've lost a lot of weight, I don't consider us to be "fit" people (which I guess just takes some time to change your mindset about yourself - with how good we eat and how much we work out, I guess we are more on the "fit" side).

After our radio interview, Matt and I split up.  He took the kids home and I met up with the girls at a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate Emily's birthday.

The birthday girl!

Our crew!  I love these girls!  It was sad a little, though, because this was our last girl's night with Laura!  Two weeks later she moved back to Atlanta.

My favorite super hero!

Rocking that healthy dinner!  Grilled chicken, green beans, and grapes!

Cooper had a snack week at school this month, so I made some cupcake turkeys!

Cooper had a dentist appointment, and Daddy took him.  He rocked it out!

A few tears because of not getting the xray bite wings in right, but he did it!

One perk of kids that get up super early?  Snuggles before school!

The countdown for Thanksgiving break was on!

I love a gym selfie!

Snuggles for movie night!

Fake it 'til you make it, right??

Aspyn had a big month: she got fixed! (Thank goodness).  We have a lot of unfixed male dogs that wander around where we live.  I was terrified one was going to get in our fence and we would have to deal with puppies!  She looked pretty chipper on the way to the vet...

...but not so much on the way home.  She was fine, though!  She recovered in no time at all.

Rocking the neon!

Thanksgiving break!


Along with the rest of America, we've been having like 5 packages delivered every day.  After a delivery one night, what the UPS man wrote on the tracking info made us laugh.

That's a wrap!  Let the Christmas festivities begin!!


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