Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Fun

Here are a few random, Christmasey things that have been going on lately!

Grammy and LL had a girl's afternoon and went to see The Nutcracker.  LL went with her last year, and she loved it just as much this year!

We decided to introduce the kids to Home Alone this year.  While some parts were a little inappropriate (and we had to talk about people making bad choices), they absolutely LOVED it!

Sleeping bags, popcorn, the Christmas tree, and the best Christmas movie ever!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that we got to meet Santa, but I hadn't uploaded the pictures from my good camera (#lazy), but I finally did!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I was on a mission to find the white fudge covered oreos - well, my sister came to the rescue!

BUT we weren't going to be seeing her for about 2 weeks, so my sweet hubby convinced a stock boy at Publix to search in the back to find me some.  Best husband award!

One Sunday night, Cooper and I stayed home while Matt, LL, and Pop went to watch Grammy's Christmas service at church.

Both kids have Christmas trees in their room, and I just absolutely love them.

LL had a Christmas party at school (on PJ day!) and Oma and Opa went to it with her.

Twinning in our Santa shirts on LL's last day of school.

We weren't the only ones dressing in theme!

Grammy and Pop went to Cooper's Christmas party at his class.  They got a picture with his teacher - he absolutely adores her!

Here's a sweet little video of Cooper's class singing some songs.

Every teacher knows that the last week of school before Christmas break can be brutal!  This note is what it's all about, though.  It was the best gift that a student brought me!

We finally finished all of our wrapping (while catching up on Dr. Phil - haha).

Here's another cute video of Cooper singing and dancing to Jingle Bells.

Christmas break has officially started and we are soaking up as much fun as we can!


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