Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Recap

I always love my "year in review" posts.  It always puts the year in a good perspective for me when I go back and look at it in its entirety.  Looking back, I can honestly say that 2016 wasn't a bad year for us.  I don't think it was a spectacular year, but it wasn't terrible either.  I would say that this year has been pretty normal - but sometimes normal is just what you need!

2016 kicked off with a bang!  We started the year off with a trip to Disney World!  This was our Christmas present to the kids, and we honestly just had the best vacation ever.  It was so great, and it was the perfect way to kick off the year.  Cooper also had his first "destroy a room with a mess" (hello baby powder) moment.  LL had her 100th day of school and had a fun visitor at school one day - a baby kangaroo!

February is always fun because we get to celebrate our girl!  It's hard to believe, but LL turned SEVEN!  She had a campfire birthday party (complete with horse rides, roasting smores, and fireworks!), and it was our most fun party yet.  LL and Daddy went to their annual Father/Daughter Dance while Cooper and I had a date night.  The month also ended with our first big kid accident - LL broke her ankle!  Celebrating Valentine's Day is always a fun part of February, too.

Thankfully, March was filled with less drama and more fun stuff.  Cooper started his first season of t-ball, and caught his first fish.  LL was losing teeth like crazy!  We had the Bunny Hop at Cooper's school, celebrated Easter, spent some time with friends, and tried to fit as much fun into Spring Break as we possibly could!

April was more of a low-key month for us, which was perfect.  We celebrated Matt's 36th birthday.  Cooper still had tball, and we took him to Marvel Avengers Live for his first solo trip with Mommy and Daddy out of town.  LL also got her boot off and has had no lasting effects from breaking her ankle!  Ben came to visit for a little bit, and we got our garden planted for the season.  I got in some girl time, we said goodbye to Greenridge, and we celebrated my 32nd birthday a little early.

May kicks off our favorite season - summer!  Cooper finished tball, and we all finished school for the year.  Cooper started swim lessons, and LL went to cheer camp.  Matt and I celebrated our anniversary (12 years!) and we took our first beach trip for the summer to Ormond Beach!

June is in the thick of summer and our favorite time of year.  We got our family pictures back from Captured by Colson (and they were amazing as usual!).  Matt and I celebrated finally hitting 80 lbs of weightloss between the two of us!  We spent time going to the movies, hanging out at the peach shed with family, fitting in some girl time and going to Wild Adventures.  Cooper had a blast at his shark birthday party and was so proud to be turning 4!  We also got a new addition to ur family - a yellow lab we named Aspyn!

We spent July soaking up every last drop of summer that we could!  We took our annual trip to the fire station with friends.  Cooper got some boy time at the park and LL had her best friend over for the day.  Laura and I snuck away for a quick girl's weekend at the beach.  We celebrated the 4th of July, spent more time at Wild Adventures, and went to pick blueberries.  We ended the month with a trip to the beach with Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben!

With school starting in August, we had a much more laid-back month.  LL started 2nd grade and Cooper started 3 year old pre-k.  We did a build-and-grow at Home Depot with Ben.  We went to a birthday party for a sweet friend, and spent as much time outside as we could!  This month, Matt and I also hit a new milestone - 100lbs lost between us!

September officially kicks off our "fun fall" season.  We took our annual trip to Kids Dig It, I went to a fun scarf-exchange party at Emily's, and our entire family got Strep Throat.  I ended the month with our super fun girl's trip to Disney!

October was filled with so much fun!  We all went to support Ben at a soccer game (he did so well!).  Matt and I took our yearly trip to watch an FSU game.  Cooper and I had a mother/son night hosted by Chik-Fil-A.  We visited the pumpkin patch, and we had so much fun at Halloween!

After such a busy October, November was a little more low-key.  We attempted to take family pictures for our Christmas card (it didn't go so well).  I had two girl's nights, and all of us went to a birthday party for a sweet girl in Cooper's class.  Matt and I went to Atlanta for a weekend to help my sister move into her new house!  We celebrated Thanksgiving and we went to cut down our Christmas tree!

Hands down, December is a month of fun!  Both kids did a great job in their Christmas performances.  LL had a solo, and Cooper was the cutest sheep ever!  We met Santa, went to a birthday party at The Mix, and celebrated Christmas at the kids' schools.  We took a Christmas trip to Atlanta and to go to Snow Mountain (so much fun!!).  We also fit in our favorite Christmas traditions (like Jammy Cocoa Christmas), and celebrated Christmas with family!

This is officially a wrap on 2016!  So long!  We're looking forward to 2017 and we're hoping that it will be a great year for our family!
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