Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer - Week 5

Our 5th week of summer was from June 20 - June 26.  This was a fun week because it was also Cooper's birthday week!  Here's what we were up to:


Monday was an easy day - kind of the calm before the storm.  ;)  First up, swim lessons - as usual!  We spent the rest of the day at home: we mowed the yard, played outside, and Matt worked on the fence.

Cooper has done so amazing at swim this year!


Tuesday was a fun day!  We went to swim lessons, ran through the car wash, and then went to Gigi's house to swim for the morning.

That evening, I left Matt with the kids and headed to dinner and a movie with my favorite girls!

We saw Me Before You.  I was *supposed* to read the book before we went, but didn't get around to it.  I enjoyed the movie, anyway!


Wednesday was also a super fun day - first up was swim (of course!)

I just love Mrs. Margie and her heart for kids.  She is tough on them, but she also loves them so much.  I just adore her and watching her with my children.

After swim, we met Luke and Meghan at Wild Adventures for some water park fun!

On a side note - have you seen these?  Um.  They're amazing.


Thursday was a big day for us!  First up - Cooper finished his chore chart Thursday morning!  Woo hoo!

Then, he graduated swim lessons with Mrs. Margie!  He is a Tiny Bubbles graduate!  Our tradition is to always get Chick-Fil-A breakfast on the day of swim graduation!

After swim, the kids went to spend some time with Grammy and Pop while I went to the gym.  While they were at lunch, LL lost her 7th tooth!!

After nap, we went to The Mix (his choice) to get froyo to celebrate Cooper finishing his chore chart!

After The Mix, both kids asked to spend the night with Grammy and Pop.  Matt and I had an unexpected kid-free night, so we ran some errands around town together!


Friday we had one thing on the brain - party prep!  We ran to Adel to pick up Cooper's cook platter for his birthday.  I used these as favors at his party.  They turned out so good!  We were so impressed!

That night after Cooper was asleep, Matt and I found ourselves in the middle of a mound of parts trying to put his present together - haha.

The finished product!


Saturday was Cooper's actual birthday AND his party day!  You can read all about both HERE.


After such a busy week and especially the day before, Sunday was very low key for us!  It was spent at home playing with all of Cooper's new toys!  


That night, Aspyn fell asleep in LL's bed with her.  I'd say she's adjusting to life at our house just fine.  ;)

That's a wrap for week 5!  You can see a recap for our other weeks here:
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