Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer - Week 4

After our third week of summer being a super busy week, our week 4 was much more relaxed!  After being so busy, it was nice to slow down some!  

The 4th week of summer was from June 13 - June 19.  Here's what we were up to:


We kicked off Monday morning with the same thing we always do first thing - swim lessons!

We went straight home after swim and decided to have some outside time in the shade before it got super hot.  I pulled out some chalk and the kids' scooters, and we played outside for over an hour!

While the kids played and scooted, I watched and read my book.  A little FYI about me - I am obsessed with James Patterson.  Like really.  Nerd alert - I even have an excel spreadsheet of all of his books and I check them off as I read them.  It's my goal to read them all.

Aspyn is so sweet, and so well behaved.  She had a fun time just laying down with us or following the kids around.

My new buddy!

LL talked Cooper into laying down so she could trace him.  :)

When Matt got home, he took over kid duty so that I could head to the gym for my workout.  After I got done at the gym, I met Kayla at the nail salon for pedicures!

LL pulled a carrot from our garden!  They need to do a little more growing.


Tuesday we followed the same plan as Monday.  After swim, we came home for some outside time!

The summer crew!

She's such a pretty girl!  We are all so in love with her.

When it started getting hot, we came inside for some indoor play time.  Before lunch, the kids worked together to build this cool castle!

While LL did some summer work on the computer during nap time, I sent Matt this picture.  Crazy cat lady?  Nah.  Crazy dog lady.

Aspyn is making herself right at home!


Wednesday morning started off with swim!

After swim, we had to go to Grammy and Pop's to drop LL off.  She was leaving with them (and Gray) to go on their annual summer vacation!

I hated to see this girl go!  I knew I was going to miss her a ton!  She was pumped, though.  This year, they were headed to Sea World!

To have something fun for Cooper, I took him by Chik-Fil-A for lunch after we dropped LL off.  He had a blast until.... he got hit (I don't know how?? I think on accident??) by a kid in the play place and came out with a bloody nose.  No fun!!!

Grammy sent me this picture later that night.  For dinner, LL got a whole order of calamari to herself!  She was one happy girl!


Thursday was a very low key day.  Matt left that morning for a fishing trip (his Father's Day present), so it was down to just me and Coop!  We spent a lot of quiet time together just playing!

Matt was having fun fishing!

LL had her first day at Sea World and had an absolute blast!


Since our week had been so low-key, we tried to fill our Friday with FUN!  Cooper and I got up and moving, and then we went to Gigi's to get in some swim time with Ben!  Cooper is doing so well at swim this year - he even has the confidence to jump in the pool without someone catching him now!

After swim, we went to Chicken Salad Chick for lunch!  It was yummy!

Gigi and Ben!

After lunch, Cooper and I went home for nap.  When he woke up, we went back in town to meet Gigi and Ben for a movie!  We went to see Angry Birds, and I actually really enjoyed it!  It was cute!

LL also had a fun day!  She spent 1/2 of the day at Sea World and 1/2 of the day at the water park at the hotel.  She was a happy girl!


Matt came home around 1 am Saturday morning.  When we got up for the day, we spent the morning doing chores around the house.  LL was coming home that evening, so we spent the morning tackling some house work!  First up?  Give the dog a bath.  She is a water lover!  She just lays down and is content the entire time.

After 6 months, we FINALLY got to take our "after" pictures so that I could work on a post about our weight loss.  (You can read about it HERE)

When Matt went to water the garden Saturday evening, he picked our first watermelon of the season!!

Aaaaand it wasn't ripe - haha.


Sunday was a calm day for us.  I woke up not feeling great, and after such a long, busy trip, LL didn't feel great either.  We spent the morning at home.  We did leave for a little bit to drop Father's Day cards off and go to the grocery store, but we spent a lot of time at home getting rest!

After dinner, we drove to the peach shed to meet Oma, Opa, Aunt Laura, and Ben for ice cream!  Just like last week, we took Aspyn with us!

I love having Ben in town and getting to see him so much!

These three are buddies!

Aspyn did great!  She just laid down by the table and was calm the whole time!

Opa, his two daughters, and his three grandkids!

Happy Father's Day!

That's a wrap for week 4!  You can see the recaps of our other weeks here:
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Emily said...

we passed matt on sunday morning! we were going to Zach's parents house for father's day from Lakeland! It threw me off for a second b/c it was 12:30 and I assumed y'all would be at his parents house ha!