Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer - Week 3

Our third week of summer was absolutely jam packed!  This week was from June 6 - June 12.  Here's what we were up to!


Monday was a super rainy day.  We had Cooper's swim first thing in the morning.  After swim, we hung out in town because LL had a dentist appointment that afternoon.  By now, LL is a pro at going to the dentist!


Tuesday started out with swim (as usual!)

After swim, we met up with Grammy at the movies to go see Home!

Tuesday evening, I finally got around to creating chore charts for the kids.  Cooper officially has big boy status - this is his first summer to have a chore chart!


Wednesday I didn't take any pics (but I did get this great selfie from Matt when he was at the gym), but it was a busy day.  We had swim in the morning, then I hit up the gym for about an hour, and then the kids and I went over to Emily's for some swim time.  After swim, we picked up lunch on the way home and had nap time.  When Daddy got home, we all headed outside to do some much needed yard work!  I mowed the grass while Matt worked on extending our fence.


Thursday was a pampering day for me!  Matt and the kids got me a massage for Mother's Day that I hadn't used yet.  After swim, I dropped the kids off for a fun day with Grammy and Pop, and I set off alone for my massage!

The after shot.  Messy hair and super relaxed!

On the way home from my massage, I stopped to get lunch from one of my favorite places (that I rarely get to eat) - Chicken Salad Chick.

I spent all afternoon being lazy and watching tv!  That evening, I went to pick the kids up, and then we all went to dinner with Aunt Laura.  We tried to think of a fun, kid-friendly place and ended up at Mellow Mushroom.

After pizza, we went by The Mix for froyo!


Friday was a super fun day!!  We picked up Gigi and headed to the water park at Wild Adventures!

What goes perfect after a day at the water park?  Ice cream and a snow cone!


Saturday, we had a big surprise for the kids.  Last October, we had to put down our dog, Bono.  We were all heartbroken and still talk about him all the time.  We didn't have plans to get another dog (we still have Lola), but an opportunity to adopt a pure-bred yellow lab just kind of fell in our laps.  A friend of a friend had this puppy (about 8-9 months old) and couldn't keep her any more as he was going away to school.  Long story short, we ended up thinking that she would be perfect for our family.  Her previous owner brought her over Friday night after the kids went to bed, and we surprised them with her when they woke up!

Saturday morning, we had a fun tractor themed birthday party to go to!

This is all Cooper wanted to do the entire time!

My little lamb!

They also had rides on a big tractor that both kids loved!

My best girl!

They also had this baby pool full of corn for the kids to play in.  It was a hit!

I love this man.

Some of my favorite girls!

All of the kids - minus Cooper, who was crying about being in the picture - haha.

He finally wanted a picture when we got home!  Stinker!

I am so blessed with my family!

After naps, we went over to Gigi's for swimming and a cook out.  Laura and I were un-intentional opposite color twins!

My cousins kids were in town, so LL and Cooper had a blast playing in the pool with them.  Gigi also had some friends there that took these cute pictures while the kids were playing.

Love her expressions!

 For Cooper, goggles are just an accessory.  ;)

Our cousin Kelly, Laura, and me

All.  The.  Heart.  Eyes.

 My bff!!

 Cooper is a swimming boy this summer!

That evening after the kids went to bed, I got some snuggle time with Aspyn in!


After such a busy week, we had a "Sunday-stay-home-and-get-chores-done" day!  We did take a break in the afternoon to sneak off to the peach shed for some fresh fruits and veggies and some awesome ice cream!

The gnats are all over this boy.  They annoy him so bad!

This cutie is just down for anything!

Aspyn took the trip with us and did a great job!

These Mullicans love the peach shed!

Picking out a 1/2 peck of peaches!

That's a wrap for our third week of summer!  You can catch up on our other weeks here:
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