Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer - Week 1

The Monday after our anniversary kicked off our first official week of summer!  Here's what we were up to:


LL was away spending the night with Oma and Opa, and Cooper and I had his first day of swim lessons!  He was a little nervous, but walked in as confident as ever.

My kids both love them some Mrs. Margie!

After swim, Cooper and I had some fun outside drawing with chalk (me) and climbing trees (him).

Captain America's shield - duh.  ;)

This stray dog has been hanging around (she's so sweet) and she came to play in the backyard with us for a little while.

We were playing cars inside, when Cooper laid down and said, "I need to way down and take a west" - haha.

When Matt came home from work, he brought LL with him!  Cooper woke up from nap to find LL snuggling with Lovie.

Bless.  Lola is getting old.  She was napping with her head not even on the pillow.


Tuesday we had swim in the morning again.  When Matt came home from work, he surprised me with some sunflowers!  A local family plants some on the side of the road and encourages people to take them home.  It was a sweet surprise!

After naps, we had a low key afternoon because we had something fun that night: family pictures!!  After our photo session, we hit up DQ as a treat for some awesomely behaved kids.  


Off to swim again!

After swim, we went over to the Parker's to play with them for a few hours!  I didn't take many pictures, but I sure did enjoy a moment where Tess was upset and let me cuddle her for a minute.

LL loves Tess and just wants to hold her!

I need to learn to take pictures at the beginning of a play date, because one of my kids is always super upset when it's time to leave - haha.


First thing Thursday morning, Cooper had swim.  After swim, we got packed up and hit the road for the beach!

You can read all about our first day at the beach HERE!


The second day of vacation was spent playing on the beach!   You can read about it HERE.


Our third day of vacation was full of beach time, pool time, tattoos, and ice cream!  You can read about it HERE.


On our last morning, we snuck in an hour of beach time before we had to head home.  You can read about it HERE.

Needless to say, this was a great week to kick off our summer vacation!!


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