Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ormond Beach - Day 4

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On our last day of vacation, we really didn't have much going on other than heading home.  Since check-out wasn't until 11, and our kids are early risers, we decided to sneak in one quick last hour at the beach!  We went to the beach from 8-9, and then still had two hours to shower everyone, pack everything, and get on the road.

Ready to play one last time!

LL started gathering shells as soon as we got out there!

An early morning runner offered to take a picture of all of us!


...they're off!

I love this girl!  She is so full of spunk, so funny, and just such a blessing to me!

It was so nice on the last morning - we took nothing with us.  No toys, no umbrella, no book - nothing.  We just spent a last, fun hour together.

Cooper came up to tell me a story.

About something over there.

I just kept asking him to repeat it - haha.  Where?  Over there!

Where, Cooper?  Over there!

And he's over it - haha.

This one is a tad blurry, but I still love it.  While Cooper was telling me his story, LL and Matt were playing in the waves.

And he's off to go play, too!

I love LL's jump!

That's a wrap for our Mullican Family Beach Trip for 2016!  Maybe I can talk them into taking a picture like this every year?  We'll see.  ;)

Good bye, beach!

We had such a fun time on our vacation!  We are going back to the beach at the end of the summer with Laura, Gino, and Ben.  We're pumped to do it all again, but with family this time!


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