Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ormond Beach - Day 3

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For our third day, I was actually concerned for a while that we were going to get rained out.  I had been following the weather for a while, and it looked like we might get some showers on and off for the day.  I had even done some research for indoor activities to do in the area.  Well, the night before I checked again, and it had changed to all sun!  Yay!  That meant that our plans for the day looked very similar to the day before - beach time!

The kids slept in a little later this morning, but we still managed to be at the beach before 9.  ;)  I tried to get pictures before they ran off - bless Coop and the sun.  It just really bugs his eyes!

Matt took a long walk down the beach with the kids for a while.  When they got back, I met them in the water for some play time.  Cooper loves for you to pick him up and swing him through the waves.  I'm sad to say that I think he's going to be too big for me to do this with him next year.  He's just getting so heavy!  And despite what the pictures look like, LL was not being neglected - haha.  She would run to me, wait for a wave, and body surf on it as long as possible.  Repeat and repeat.

I love this girl, and this girl loves the ocean.

Getting ready to jump over a wave with Cooper.

A bigger wave was coming, so I grabbed both of my babies - haha.

Kisses on the way back in!

About the time I realized Matt was taking pictures.  ;)

We took a lunch break, and then it was time for sand castles!  The tide was in super high this day, and the waves were actually pretty rough.  The life guards came around and warned people not to go past their waists in the water.  We tried a castle several times, but it kept getting washed over.  Finally, we just settled on a drip castle - haha.

When your husband is behind the lens, you end up with random pictures like this of yourself - haha.  At least he didn't take any of my rear end!

Silly boy!

The tide started coming in crazy far (waaaay more than the previous two days), and actually started covering where we were sitting.  We took that opportunity to pack up and head to the pool.  I rested in the shade for a while and let Daddy take pool duty (it was so cold!).

Cooper is almost too big for this, too.  :(

They're all looking and smiling!  Yay!

We came back in around 2 to rest, get showers, and get ready for dinner.  We also told the kids that we would stop by a souvenir shop and pick out some things to remember our trip by.

Ready to head out to Daytona City Walk!

All of my people smiling and happy!

LL is getting good at taking pictures!

Cooper requested a cheeseburger (his fav) for dinner.  At the city walk, our options for that basically were Bubba Gump or Johnny Rockets.  I wanted Johnny Rockets (I thought the kids would love it), but Matt really wanted shrimp, so we went to Bubba Gump.  Well.  We should have stuck with our original plan of Johnny Rockets, because Bubba Gump was awful!  Everything was stale and disappointing!  Even so, we had a fun time together.

Sneaking in a picture because Cooper hates pictures at dinner!

Passing the time waiting for our food by taking silly pictures with my best girl!

After dinner, the kids wanted some airbrush tattoos from this little kiosk set up outside.  Cooper picked a shark and LL picked a dolphin!

LL has always been so terrified of the airbrush tattoos.  After she saw Cooper get it, she braved it for the first time!  So proud of my girl!

Cooper was so proud of his shark.  On the way back to the hotel, we heard him say quietly from the backseat (and to himself), "I wuv my cool shark".  Bless.

We got some ice cream and headed back to the hotel for bed time.  LL picked out one of these pearl necklaces from the gift shop.  She loved opening the oyster and finding her pearl!

It was a full, happy day for us!  Up next: sneaking in a little more beach time before heading home!


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