Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May Randoms

Because I'm finally all caught up on blogging (and typically blogging in real time -woo hoo!), I actually don't have many randoms from May.  The ones I did have were mostly from Matt  and the pictures he takes.  Here's all of what I have:

Matt did doctor duty for Cooper this month.  First up was his monthly chiropractor appointment.  He started going two years ago for speech and reflux, and he still continues to go.  It still helps and we can definitely tell!  I always know it's been a month because his reflux starts acting up.

He likes to hide and "scare" Dr. Ken

That same day Cooper had his dentist appointment.  Usually, I handle all of the dentist appointments.  This one was at the very end of the school year and I just couldn't take the time off work, so Daddy to the rescue!

I'm surprised Daddy let him play with the doll house.  ;)

Dude is a champ at the dentist!

He always gets a visit to the treasure box!

Daddy picked out his clothes for school this day.  He is just looking so big!

We had a "play" day at school, and all of my teacher bff's and I have an annual competition on the blow-up obstacle course.  This year, I'm sad to say that not only did I lose, but I didn't escape without injury.  While I was on bathroom duty, I sent an injury picture to all of those involved - haha.

Matt is becoming a beast in the gym!  He knows I love a good gym selfie.

My boys at drop-off - twinning for the day!  I sure love a man in black.

I had afternoon duty towards the end of school, and these sweet girls kept me company while I let my afternoon kids play outside.  LL and I are both going to miss Maddie so much next year!

There is a tractor dealership near Grammy and Pop's house, and sometimes they stop by to let Cooper "ride" on the tractors.

I love summer and having so much fruit in season!  LL gobbled this up for snack one afternoon!

I got rear-ended this month.  I had to get a rental while my car got fixed, and I was sooo nervous that they were going to give me a small car.  Thankfully, they gave me a Jeep Patriot.  Not amazing, but for sure better than a tiny car!

Saturday mornings are for snuggles!

Cooper is obsessed with pirates and super heroes, so you can find those things all over our house.  I looked over one day, and Lola was snuggling with a pirate eye-patch - haha.

I bought this hat for Cooper in preparation for our upcoming beach trip, and he loved it!

That's a wrap for May!


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