Monday, June 13, 2016

Family Pictures - Siblings

When we take family pictures, I feel like one of the trickiest things to get is sibling pictures.  With small kids, getting them both to be cooperative, looking, and smiling at the same time is not an easy task!  For our pictures, we like to have distractors to help in this process.  An easy one?  Bubbles!  It gets them to look, and also usually gets them to smile.  Especially if you bring your best friend along as the "smile maker" and she not only blows the bubbles, but she eats them to make the kids laugh.  :)

I can't even with this one.  It is just so stinking sweet!!  

I love this because it's true smiles from my kids!

Case in point: regular attempt at a sibling picture (which is fantastic!  I love this one)

Same thing - just add bubbles!  And the smiles are so much bigger and brighter!  

The lighting, the looking up, the holding each other.  Lindsay is a miracle worker!

My babies!!

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