Thursday, June 9, 2016

Family Pictures: Lorelai at 7 Years Old

I just got our pictures back from our family session that we did with Lindsay at Captured by Colson a few weeks ago.  We've been doing a great job of getting annual pictures done for the last few years, and Lindsay is for sure our go-to girl.  She just does an amazing job of getting amazing pictures, but also keeping in low-key, low-stress, and so easy.  We've started doing our pictures in late May/early June.  This way, our schedule is way more wide open because school is out.  It is also a good point in between both kids' birthdays that we can get their annual pictures done in one session.

All of that being said, here are Lorelai's 7 year old pictures!

I love that this year we got to freeze in time LL's little snaggle tooth smile!  Last year, she hadn't lost any top teeth, and next year most of the top front ones should be in.  So this was the perfect time to get to remember such a fun time for her!

Lindsay does such a good job capturing their individual personalities!  LL is such an outdoor kid and loves to look for anything that may have to do with animals.  I love that her looking to see if she could see any tadpoles or fish turned into a picture.

My little girl is growing up so quickly!

Those eyes!  Her eyes were such a surprise from birth.  Matt and I joke that we could have 100 more kids and not end up with another blue-eyed child (he's a green/brown hazel and I'm a brown),

I also love that Lindsay makes sure to get individual pictures of us with the kids.  I think that is so important!  LL and her Daddy are just buds.  I'm the more serious one of the bunch (shocker), so they love to goof off and be silly together.  I think you can see a little bit of that in this picture.  She just adores her Daddy!

While she adores her Daddy, she is my mini-me all day long.  I do think we look a little similar, but her personality is mine made over all day long!  

Here's a look at how much she's grown over the past three years!  My goodness!

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