Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Family Pictures - 12 Year Anniversary Pictures

One of the things that I love about working with Lindsay is that, even with kids and trying to get family pictures and sibling pictures and individual pictures, she also takes time to try and get couple pictures.  I so appreciate that because it is the least type of picture that we take on our own!

This year, our picture session was only 2 days after our 12 year anniversary, so we made sure to get some good pictures to celebrate!

The lighting and the flowers just get me!  Lindsay is amazing!

We do try and snap at least one or two pictures alone every year.  Here are some pictures from the past two years.  I've mentioned it in passing before, but Matt and I have really taken charge of our health this year (post to come!) so it was almost shocking to me to look back at how far we've come!

You can see the other pictures from this session here:
LL's 7 Year Pictures
Cooper's 4 Year Pictures
Sibling Pictures


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