Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl's Trip to Atlanta

A few years ago, my brother-in-law told me that if he ever got down to his goal weight, he would let me go shopping with him and help him pick out a whole new wardrobe.  Well, over LL's birthday weekend, Gino finally made it to his goal weight!  We planned a weekend in March, and LL and I decided to make it a girl's trip.  The weekend before our scheduled trip is when LL broke her ankle.  Thankfully, she was fine in her boot and it wasn't a big deal to still go.  

We hit the road as soon as she got off of the bus on Friday!

LL is still not our best sleeper, and she gets super nervous when it comes to sleeping at places she's not used to.  She always sleeps with me when we go to Atlanta, and I absolutely love seeing this sweet, sleeping face.  She is just an angel.

The next morning, Gino and I hit the road early to start our shopping!

While we were shopping, LL and Ben hung out with Aunt Laura.  First up for them was going to see Zootopia!

After the movie, the kids helped Aunt Laura pick out some fun stuff to mail to Andrew!

After a full morning of shopping, Gino took me to a random dive bar for lunch.  We ended up at The Righteous Room, and the food was amazing!

I got a turkey melt on nan, and it was so good!

Laura took this pic of the kids with this bear, and then pinned the pic on the bear to send to Andrew.  He sure does have so many people who love him and are ready for him to come home!

The kids also found some St. Patrick's Day goodies on their shopping trip.  ;)

Gino and I stopped at this upscale candy store at the mall and brought home everyone a treat.

We spent the afternoon snuggling and playing!

That night, Gino was on kid duty and Laura and I got some alone time!  We went out to dinner at PF Changs and then got dessert.  It was so good to spend some kid-free time with her!

Trying new foods!  Totally not my fav - haha.

I have the best sister in the world!

Sunday morning we just hung out for a while before LL and I headed home.  It was a quick but fun trip!


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