Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Class Easter Parties

For Easter this year, both kids ended up having the class parties on the same day.  LL ended up having a big field trip in place of her class party, and Cooper's class met at a park to do their egg hunt and eat some snacks.  Matt planned to go with LL on her field trip, and Grammy and Pop took Cooper to his party.  I hated to miss out on both of them, but it just wasn't possible for me to make either of them work with my school schedule.  

First up: Cooper's class party!

All dressed up and ready to party!

If there is playing involved, you know Cooper is going to be having a blast.

They did manage to corral him long enough to eat some snacks!

After picking up all the blue eggs at the Bunny Hop, Cooper is an egg hunting pro!

He did vary his colors a little more this time.  ;)

Both of the 2.5 year old classes

But his favorite part of the whole thing?  Playing of course!

Now for LL's party:

LL's class took a field trip to Reed Bingham.  This was also her first day going to school without her boot since braking her ankle!

First up for LL was a boat ride!

LL's sweet group of friends.

The girls in LL's class.

LL's class.

Best friends!

This isn't the most flattering picture - but I just love how happy she is!

Time for the class egg hunt!

To finish up the day, the kids got to play a round of putt-putt.  Here's a video of LL playing.

Here's a second video of LL and her mini-golf skills.

I'm so glad both kids had a blast and got to have family there with them to celebrate!  


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