Wednesday, November 25, 2015

September Randoms

Here are all of the random things from September that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

One of my favorite things to do is go check on the kids after they go to bed.  Do they ever get old enough that I won't want to watch them sleep?  I don't think so.

Matt sends me pictures most mornings before he and Cooper head out for the day.  This day, he looked like a soccer star on the way to school.  :)

We all love a good story time!

I love how much more time I get to spend with this girl now that she rides with me to and from school.  Starting off my mornings with her are the best!

I also love finding sweet notes like this on my board.

This Friday, LL was Queen of the Classroom!

It was storming outside, so I snuggled with this sweet girl at bed time.

Sometimes, I catch (rare) super sweet moments between these two.  In the bath, LL was rubbing Cooper's hair and singing to him.  Melt.  My.  Heart.

This is Cooper's favorite place to sit during story time at night.

A sweet note on my breakfast.  :)

Another sweet moment - LL reading to Cooper one afternoon.

Matt went outside to work on putting a light on the outside of the barn one night, and came in like this.  Turns out, he dislocated his shoulder and we got to spend a few hours in the ER getting it put back in.  Yay!

Wacky day!

When your bff brings you a coke to school.  :)

Wacky clothes and wacky faces!

Working hard in the yard with Pop!

I love these sweet girls!

I get up waaaay before the rest of my family every day.  One morning, Lola was awake with me.  But I think she was protesting.  :)

LL got to ride to school with Mrs. Kayla on the day that I went on my girl's trip to Disney!

That's a wrap for September!


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