Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kid's Dig It - 2015

Last year was our first year going to Kid's Dig It with our whole family.  Both kids had so much fun last year that it actually made me look forward to it a lot this year.  I knew with Cooper being a year older, he would especially enjoy it even more than last year.

Right away, Cooper had no hesitation to just start climbing in everything!

The turned the mixer on and showed us how the rocks came out of the back!

It always surprises me how much LL enjoys it, too!  She is just as into it as Cooper is.

Last year, Cooper and LL got to ride in some of the tractors, but not the big digger.  The line for it is always suuuuper long and moves very slowly.  This year we got in line for it almost immediately (and still had to wait for almost 45 minutes).  While we waited in line, Daddy took Cooper over to play in some sand.

LL was up first!

I'm always surprised at how little fear Cooper has about things.  LL is like me and very hesitant about things.  Cooper is not!  He is always down for trying new things!

They had this neat swing set up at one of the diggers!

My heart just explodes with this handsome boy!

BIG tractors means BIG tires!

These kids are pros when it comes to fire trucks!

Showing me his manly tattoos!

We had a blast this year!  I know this will be something we participate in many more years to come!


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